Is there something that stinks about the new rigs?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by N0WUE, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. W3DCB

    W3DCB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Some people are just nuts like me

    Some people are just nuts like I am. I am always updating the station, always expanding and changing, always looking at the next really great rig out there and quite often and "old" or not so "old" rig is being turned over to make room for another. Yes, I am just obsessed with ham radio -- have been since I was a kid! Take care guys! 73:D
  2. N7BUI

    N7BUI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Maybe my situation is unique, but my hearing is ultra sensitive and I find the vast majority of new rigs obnoxious with their audio amps. The worst ones actually cause my left ear to "ring" if I'm exposed to them for more than an hour or so. Yes I've been to a doctor to check out my hearing. I'm known at work to have dog ears.

    Almost all Icoms cause this to happen. It's to bad because I really find Icom has some of the most advanced features, but I've had Pro's, 7000's, and 706's. All caused ringing. Some models of Yaesu cause this also, though I'm actually using an 897 that sounds great to my ears. 857's seem to be OK also. My Kenwood TS-2000 seems to have the best audio to my ear, even though the HF receive isn't as good as some of the more advanced rigs. Next in line is my Flexradio. The audio from it always seems very clear.

    It's exasperating because I don't know until I actually have a radio for a couple of hours if it will cause ringing. I know it's coming on when I have a feeling like I've been exposed to a loud noise like a gunshot. Then I know it's time to shut the rig off and prepare to get it ready for sale.

    SIGH...Some of the neatest radios I just can't have because of this. :>
  3. NO2A

    NO2A Ham Member QRZ Page


    Sometimes you read posts where someone says,"I love that radio,I`ve had 5 of them". Those are the ones i can`t understand. Do they have that many cars? Or maybe for parts? I don`t like menus in radios either but i never found them that hard to understand. Many of the menus are set and forget adjustments anyway. ;)
  4. W3ETF

    W3ETF Ham Member QRZ Page

    New rigs

    You are so right about these new rigs. a few years ago I decided to buy an ICOM R70 receiver just to get my feel and looks of digital tuning. I love the receiver as it is as sensitive as anything I ever owned except for the Hallicrafters SX-115. Now thats a radio and if anything goes wrong with it, I can trace the wires, take voltage measurements, check tubes, and replace capacitors or resistors when ever needed. Did you ever open up one of these CB looking sets? I also own kenwood equipment and I think they cheapened their sets after the TS 520 to 830's. Those were built solid and are sought after even though they are over 25 yrs old. I guess in reality if you could afford a $4,000 to $10,000 dollars tranceiver then you could afford to send it back to the company for repairs. But what happens after they become obsolete and the company doesnt want to repair them anymore? Hallicrafters radios are out here in large quantities and i bought several of them for parts. My HT-32B sounds just as good as the newer sets on the market and I can hear anything they can hear with my SX-115.
    And guess what? i bought them long before Ebay was out and still paid less then $500.00 for both. Given the inflation rate since I bought them, a set like those would cost $3000 dollars today but the big difference is that I can fix my own and not pay someone $35 dollars an hour plus parts to fix the newer ones with buttons and knobs you'll never use in a life time.

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