Is there something that stinks about the new rigs?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by N0WUE, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. N0SYA

    N0SYA Ham Member QRZ Page

    You might be surprised at how often guys who have the cash to play, swap new rigs, and a few weeks later swap back. And just as in the past, some new rigs are nice, some not so nice. Some are just last years performance with new doodads and a color tv screen to get you to bite. Some are truly worthy, like the k3 for instance, but some dislike the k3 for its size even though the same operator may never have another rig that equals its performance. Some guys don't like a rig because the audio fatigues them so they swap it, others don't notice the audio at all and love the same rig. Sometimes it's that simple.
  2. KA5ROW

    KA5ROW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Internal antenna tuners, watt meters, and some other accessory's are much more likely to be bought new and never used. But a $2000 amp or radio, I just can't buy that story. :D
  3. NI7I

    NI7I Guest

    Hay, just because you wouldnt do it, doesnt mean it's not done. Some of us arent as wise and worldly as you. I bought my Henry 3kd because I always wanted one. I never used it and sold it when I found that it was more than I really wanted. My TS2000 was purchased because I thought it was something tht it wasnt. Used it maybe 20 minutes and sold it. Ihad never had my hands on one before I purchased mine. I should have done my homework but didnt. I'm sure that I'm not alone. There was nothing wrong with the Henry or the Kenwood. They just didnt fit my needs. Was I smart in my decision to purchase them in the first place? probably not.. Will I do jail time because of it.. I dont think so.

  4. N0WUE

    N0WUE Ham Member QRZ Page

    what didn't you like about it?
  5. KA5ROW

    KA5ROW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well I bought a West Mountain Rigblaster Pro and did not like it at all. Got it off of e-Bay, and I will sell it on e-bay after Christmas. There is nothing wrong with it. My little MFJ interface worked just fine. I just thought that the big boys interface would work wonders over the low price MFJ. I was wrong it worked the same for SSTV & DSTV, it may work better for other things, But I just use the interface for SSTV. :D
  6. NI7I

    NI7I Guest

    Guess you didnt actually read the post. There was nothing "wrong" withe either rig. It turned out that they just didnt fit my needs. The Kenwood turned out to be something different than I had expected and the Henry a bit more than I really wanted. I sold both in the same condition they were in when I bought them.... "mint"

  7. K7MH

    K7MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    It happens. Although I bought it used, I have an AL-1200 sitting here now going on two years I haven't done anything with yet.
    I'll get to it someday :eek:
  8. N0WUE

    N0WUE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I read it, I understood, perhaps didn't choose the correct words to elicit the response I was looking for.

    Choosing an HF rig seems to be more difficult than I remember, and I hate the idea of dropping a chunk of change on a turkey. I asked, because if your goals were remotely similar, or there was something that everyone knows and I don't, I would like to have a better clue.

    I suppose I will probably just try to find a ts950 or something and call it a day.
  9. K8PG

    K8PG QRZ Lifetime Member #333 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Eqpt reviews

    I purchased 2 FT2000s in May of this yr,1 is still in the unopened box-for later use or needed parts whatever-may never be opened by me-I purchased
    2 new FT990s back in 1994 and 1 went by ESD now I use that one for parts if
    needed.Wish I would have bought 2 FT1000ds but.... to each his own.

  10. W0GI

    W0GI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had a TS-950SD, and it was a hard choice between it and the Mark-V. I liked the 950 ergonomics a bit better, but in the end, the DSP in the Mark-V was why I kept it as my main rig. Both are great radios.

    The problem I have with the newer stuff, is all about ergonmics. More and more features that I don't need. More operating complexity, but no real gain in performance.

    I just can't see dropping a load of cash for a new radio that doesn't perform better, just has a bunch of features you'll never use.

    The TS-950SDX has DSP, and it really performs. But the $2000+ price tag for a used, and obsolete radio tells the story. :)

    New isn't always better, and sometimes it's worse.
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