Is there an uncomplicated way to get a 4-digit call?

Discussion in 'Becoming a Ham - Q&A' started by AK5B, May 12, 2020.

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  1. AK5B

    AK5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks, Bruce---I'll do exactly that!


  2. AK5B

    AK5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    Roger that, too. No worries as all four calls chosen were available on the same day. There was a fifth call I almost put down, too, but it been available a day or two earlier and I was concerned that by applying for it with the others might have messed things up for me (I was thinking that one must only apply on the very day it became available or one would be banished to Siberia otherwise):eek: Not sure if this is correct but it was after 1AM when I filled out my application and I didn't feel like searching for the answer to that in the middle of my application.

    If I am not lucky when the Big Day comes there are several 2x2 calls that are available and also appealing to me which I would then apply for. Kind of a win-win situation for me is the way I am looking at it.

    We just went into escrow on a house today so when I get a new call it will nearly coincide with a brand-new QTH as well. New call, new QTH, new antennas, yippee!

    Thanks again for filling me in, guys and 73,

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  3. W0AQ

    W0AQ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    There is nothing wrong with applying for a call late, but on a 1X2 or 2X1, you probably are not going to get it, and you would know pretty quick because you can see that people did apply for it on the right day. In fact, you could usually not even waste your time because you would already see that people had applied.

    The key is that you have to chart out the calls you want (and how bad you want them) versus the day(s) available. A person that really wanted a certain call might have to take a risk and skip another one a few days before. If one is issued to you, all subsequent pending applications are cancelled.

    If you like Callsign #1, but really want Callsign #2 more than life itself, you would have to pass on Callsign #1 because if you got it you would lose your application for Callsign #2.

    If you would take any, just apply for them on the right day and you'll eventually get one.
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  4. KU4X

    KU4X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Jeff,

    Good news...AE7Q is showing that if you don't get AF5D (your 1st pick), you will get AF5J, as you're the only one to apply for it.
    There is only a 3-way fight for AF5D, so you stand a decent chance at that one.

    Props to you for an extremely well-played "call sign lottery" round...especially on your first try!

    (Now, go do something productive while you wait for the 23rd to roll around! ;))

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  5. AK5B

    AK5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Bruce for the great news---I am going to win either way! The AJ5J call was my initial first choice and only decided I liked the phonetics of AF5D a little better after a bit of mulling over and "practicing" cq's. I also like N5AO (3rd choice) very much as well and although I probably won't get WZ5P (my 4th choice) as so many others applied for it I will very, very happy with whichever one I end up with in any case.

    In the meantime I am planning our move and transition to the house we are buying nearby. Planning my revised antenna farm is preoccupying a lot of my time now as well as getting ready for this weekends VHF contest---my last before the new call is issued.


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  6. AK5B

    AK5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    When I got up this morning I immediately went to AE7Q's site and looked to see what my new call would be---no luck, at first, as I figured I'd have to wait for the website's next updates around noon, late afternoon and early evening.

    I then went to the FCC's ULS system via my QRZ page and saw that NH7RO was cancelled today---but there was still no indication of which call would replace it. The four choices I applied for, AF5D, AJ5J, WZ5P and N5AO were still shown as "pending level 2" on AE7Q, too.

    After that I went through my usual routine of going to my email inbox where I immediately noticed one from "" and my heart skipped a beat. Upon opening the email I proceeded to click on the link enclosed to download my modified license with the callsign granted.

    As I pretty much suspected, I received my second choice (that was initially my first choice) since no one else had applied for it:


    I'm still a bit elated (over lucking out on my first try), wistful (at losing my Hawaiian call of 18 years) and slightly bewildered by it all (I'm sure this will pass quickly). I am also inspired to become more active, too and since I recently enjoyed operating portable from this seaside location 3 miles from my home QTH I will have to do so again and again, calling DX with my new and short call:
    No need to travel to the Bahamas with a spot like this so close to home!

    Elevated 17/20m radial pair

    K3 running 20-60 watts powered by LiFePO4 30ah battery

    ^^Last NH7RO/W5 portable operating position with recently home-brewed 17/20m fan Marconi set up on breezy Key Allegro (small island), Rockport, Texas. I'll be operating there again fairly regularly as AJ5J/5, weather permitting. Fresh ocean air, no bugs, no neighbors, no noise and 6db of saltwater enhancement! ;)

    When my XYL was leaving for work this morning shortly after learning my new call, I hurriedly wrote down "AJ5J" on a blank label sticker and instructed her to put it on her car's steering wheel to remind her NH7RO is now AJ5J on her way home later (she got licensed as a Tech a few years ago so we could keep in touch better). Unless the thunderstorms abate today (which they probably won't) I will have my first QSO as AJ5J with her. Nice.:)

    I printed out a copy of my license which I will take down to our local motor vehicle department to renew my registration as well as apply for new plates (free for hams here in Texas). I hope their offices are open again today but it may have to be done by mail otherwise.

    I wish to thank all of you that responded to this thread and helped me wade through the AE7Q and FCC/ULS maze---I might not have followed through without your help---it was much appreciated!

    Vy 73,

    Jeff, AJ5J
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  7. W0AQ

    W0AQ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Congratulations. AJ5J is a nice call!
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  8. AK5B

    AK5B Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you; I like America, I like Japan, I live in 5 land and my name is Jeff! :)

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