Is there a slower way of shipping than...

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KP4SX, May 18, 2019.

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  1. KK6NOH

    KK6NOH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I hate fedex in general. UPS is always better imo.
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  2. N1YR

    N1YR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    So, what happens if you give out your residential or office address, expecting a FedEx or UPS truck to pull up, and the seller chooses SmartPost to reach a location that has no postal delivery to it? Do the employees of the nearest post office get to keep your package?
  3. KD2ACO

    KD2ACO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    For international intrigue, DHL offers a service similar to SmartPost. 70 days from Köln for a small transformer.

    A even slower way would be to ship via carrier pigeon, or a few dozen of them if the box is large.
  4. KN1M

    KN1M Ham Member QRZ Page

    I received a box yesterday from Fedex which contained a bag of dog food. I saw the driver toss it on my porch and scoot. I tracked it from Jersey City to Niagara Falls. It went in and out of Buffalo twice in three days. Box was also damaged. Will they blame the covid? I can't wait for their reply to my feedback. I have got a lot of internet purchases by USPS. Always very quick. Full disclosure. I am a former USPS carrier.
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  5. WJ4U

    WJ4U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Had a UPS delivery the other day and the gent actually rang the bell! That doesn't happen often. Most drivers leave the package at the garage door and we don't notice until we go outside after getting a delivery confirmation email.
  6. K4AGO

    K4AGO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    It's not just FedEx... They all do it. It's all about increasing profit at the expense of YOU, the consumer.

    What goes around comes around; the Pony Express is still the fastest, most economical way to ship something. Nothing is about progress, efficiency, or quality. It is ALL about profit.
  7. KA0USE

    KA0USE Ham Member QRZ Page

    they can carry a lot for long distances but are tempermental.

    jeepers, i remember railway post offices...
  8. W4EAE

    W4EAE Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    The mail by rail may have taken a while, but I'll bet it was on time. After all, the railways are why we have synchronized clocks and time zones in the first place.
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  9. K4AGO

    K4AGO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Three or four years ago, I tracked a package (USPS) go back and forth between Steadman, NC and Fayetteville, NC for three days. I don't live within 100 miles of either city.

    But Statesville and Steadman both begin with the letter S, so, it's probably a legitimate excuse for the postal service. I called the Post Master and to his credit, he had my package retrieved, put on a vehicle, and driven to my doorstep. I also received a phone call from the Post Master 5 minutes prior to delivery.

    About 10 years ago I had a rural carrier refuse to deliver mail to my rural mail box because "My neighbor had dogs( two Jack Russell terriers.) I have never owned a dog. I own cats. A call to the Post Master resulted in him telling me that mail carriers did not have to deliver mail when they were in danger of animal attacks.

    The funny thing is, rural mail carriers do not get out of their car when they deliver mail (not packages, mail.) It is beyond me how two Jack Russell Terriers put the rural mail carrier in danger.

    When she (the rural mail carrier) finally did pull up in my driveway (still not getting out of her car;) she laid on her horn and when I came out she threw the mail out of her window and into my yard yelling "whar's them dogs." When I responded "I don't have dogs." a long string of profanity spewed from her mouth.

    So, I called the Post Master and reported that incident. His response was " YOU GOT UOUR G-- DAMNED MAIL DIDN'T YOU!"

    So, I wrote a letter to the Post Master General in Wahsington, DC; sent it certified mail; never got a response.

    Honestly, I can see why the USPS is constantly on the virge of going out of business.

    But, I will say that FedEx is as good as it gets. I use FedEx exclusively and have (knock on wood) never had a problem with them. Maybe it is because that guy "Wilson" runs such a tight ship.

    UPS is even worse than the USPS. I watched a UPS driver throw box after box containing computers out the back of his truck onto the asphalt pavement of a parking lot. just so he could quickly continue on his route. Every single one of the computers had to be dismantled and have the components (graphics cards, etc.) put back in their sockets before they would work.

    Yes, I know UPS drivers are greatly overworked. I have received delivery's at 8:30 PM many times. Businesses get their delivery's first and residential customers last. I get that. Businesses close early in the evening and people go home making deliveries impossible.

    But, still, it's ALL profit-driven for corporations... Even to the point of employees losing their lives. But, I'll save that plane crash (December 22, 1996) for another day.


    My company stopped using UPS (whenever possible) after that little episode.
  10. KN1M

    KN1M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wilson has always been a pretty well rounded guy.
    Wilson has always been a pretty well rounded guy. We had a woman in our office (rural carrier/I was both, city and rural) who wrecked 4 of the LLVs (the little white trucks are LLVs, Long Life Vehicle). She never got grounded.

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