Is Ten Tec Still In Business?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N4GKS, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. N8WFF

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    As far as I know there were never any customers who paid for goods that did not receive them. Certainly not under my command! In fact the first thing I did at Ten Tec was to make sure everyone who had open orders that had paid deposits got what they had contracted for. This was mainly in the commercial arena. I also made sure that everyone who had sent in a radio that was waiting for repair got their radio back and not just back but REPAIRED and back, and some of those radios had been sitting there over a year!!!! There were no investors of mine that were shortchanged and I do not know of any of the previous organizations investors being shortchanged. I have heard informally that some of the previous organizations suppliers were not paid. I had no control of that and no visibility to it. I can absolutely guarantee that under my tenure here absolutely NOTHING of that nature has occurred and never will. I don't spend money I don't have, and I don't take money for something I don't deliver. Period.

    As far as I can tell the real complaint is that I'm not turning things around fast enough and that I'm not communicating to the public what I am doing here. Well I'm sorry I can't tell you about products before they are ready to be released. I learned my lesson with the DX2400 Solid state amplifier that I showed at Dayton enough times to convince people that solid state amplifiers are viable and build my competitors up by disclosing what I'm doing. Sorry it just isn't going to happen again. Next time we show a new product it will be available in the store to buy.

    I'd like to counter the point that we are a specialty manufacturer of one offs. Look at the surface mount facility article. We have the capability of producing thousands and thousands of units. It is all a question of supply and demand. I said ten units of the Omni 7+ because that is what I have built up right now. I've got material to build a hundred more. Is it worth it to build them if the ten don't sell?

    I went through the RX340 business with the same logic. Test the market. If they sell build more. I'll do the Eagle after that. Our Eagle+ is quite a nice radio. It is QUIET. It plucks the signals out against a nearly noiseless background and you can listen to it all night without developing a headache.

    OK, one sneak peak. Right now we are working hard on the High Speed Sweep Board or HSS as we call it. HSS is a self contained SDR type unit that can essentially put a live panadapter inside the Omni7 and maybe Orion II. We are making it retroactive so it can be fitted to existing models and when it is ready we'll be happy to put it in your radio. You've heard about the HSS for years before me and now you are going to get it because it is my priority to do it.

    We are working on the future which is new transceivers unlike anything you've ever seen or thought of. If you support us and buy the products that we are improving then we will have the resources to finish them and really get you some exciting stuff. If somebody wants it right away and wants to have the first one and have all of their ideas put into the product so it will be just what they want - well if someone wants to put in a half million or a million dollars so we can get it done I'll do it. But f you want me to do it on my own money you'll just have to be patient and wait for me to come up with the money to do it. Right now the only way I have to do that is to sell RX331 and RX340 and soon the Omni7+, Eagle + and Argonaut+ with the "missing" bands. I will put them in the store in that order as I have the money to build them.

    Personally I think when you see the new stuff that maybe all of the past hardship will be forgotten. Let's face it - the demographic is that hams are cheap. It isn't just hams but the WalMart phenomena that has taken over America consumers and destroyed our industry. What I mean here is nobody cares that an iPhone widget is made by slave labor under deplorable conditions by dictatorships that don't even understand the concept of human rights or intellectual property. As long as you benefit from the cheap goods you don't care anything about who or how it was made. Most everyone turns a blind eye to it. Making things in America we have to pay property tax, deal with the EPA and myriad of local, state and federal autocracy with their finger in the pie.

    Case in point. There is an open source radio made by a guy in the UK who sells kits and completed units on his website. Some lowlife has ripped off the design and sells it on eBay and Amazon. A ham radio operator has purchased one and put a review of it on youtube of all things, fully knowing that his fellow ham radio operator who did the work is getting ripped off, and has the audacity to brag about what a good deal it is and actually promote the rip off product!

    If you will buy THAT, then you will buy ANYTHING as long as it is cheap and benefits YOU. Therefore it doesn't matter what I say or do as long as my product meets your pricing expectation and is a good deal for you then you will buy it, and moral or ethical implications be damned, right?

    So, we see the innovator and developer being economically punished for daring to make a difference.

    I can guarantee you that you won't see that behavior here from anyone at Ten Tec. So, no, I'm not moving to China. We will charge whatever we have to charge for a Ten Tec. We will build as many of them as you are willing to buy. There are people who do vote with their dollar and I hope that I can give them a radio they can be proud to own and proud to say I support my hometown people making a living wage. Price isn't everything. Who really wins in a race to the bottom? Where was the incentive under communism to ever innovate of there was to be no reward?

    In my opinion, Ten Tec never was a radio for the masses. It is easy to parrot what someone else says to buy like lemmings to the sea and something else entirely to be a thinking man who understands technology and is willing to pay a reasonable price for a reasonable value returned. I would not say we are a luxury brand. I'd say we are a brand for the working man who wants quality and to buy a radio that will last. How else do you explain the number of Jupiters, Orions, Omni-6 and other legacy radios that get sent to us every week for repair? The radios were good then and they are good now. If you haven't owned a Ten Tec you don't understand it. If you aren't a very high speed CW op you probably won't appreciate it. Something else you won't appreciate is my personal contribution to Ten Tec which is insistence on building QUALITY into the radio. Things like cleaning the flux carefully, attention to solder chemistry, detail to board design and quality, thermal processing excursions and limits and other factory controls that are the result of a lifetime of lessons at Frigidaire / Electrolux where a production run is HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of the SAME unit for YEAR after YEAR. It only costs a little more to build things the right way so they last - IF you know how to do it and design it in. The product design and product process HAVE to be integrated to achieve six sigma quality and that is what we are after. I'm on a quest here to build the best of the best. You can support it or condemn it. It is a free country for now anyway. Until the Chinese government buys it of course. I'd think you'd be happy to be able to buy something upscale from a Baowolf or whatever.

    Time will really tell, won't it? I'd appreciate it in the meantime if the naysayers would go find something else to grind on rather than this quarterly thread of "Is Ten Tec Still in Business" You know the answer is always YES. Let's face it - I'm too stupid to quit. I'm too stubborn and too masochistic obviously. I'm not going anywhere until I leave this earth permanently. Ten Tec will survive, thrive and continue building radios either for hams or for commercial, but we WILL be here. Let's see - Jan of 2016 I took control and two and a half years later radios are still repaired in a mostly timely manner, new commercial products are being delivered, Alpha 8410 and 9500 are in stock , Omni's are on the surface mount facility up and running with X ray inspection... What did the rest of you guys do in the last two years? Is it any wonder I don't have time to make posts on the internet? I haven't even told you about the new amps, transceivers, tuners and other things.... I wouldn't be here tonight except Glenn suggested I step in.

    So, for one last time can we please stop the attacks on a Tec and Alpha, who are your fellow US based ham radio operators, friends and neighbors? When you start these threads and make these accusations it hurts us financially and spreading malicious rumors is a criminal act known as libel. I'd really hate to take legal action on some specific parties, but if that is what it takes I'll do it mercilessly and ruthlessly. The people who work for me at these companies are dependent on me to put food on the table for them and their families. Is that too much to ask? It isn't like we are asking you to send money, though I've preached so much here I feel like passing the plate!

    Don't forget at Ten Tec and Alpha we are doing out part to make America great again, even if it is only one amplifier or radio at a time. Rome did not burn in a day and Rome was not built in a day. Even God Almighty spent seven days on Creation. Every single day I get up and do the best I can do with what I have to work with. I can't give any more than I do. I can't do any better. I've always said a person can be a part of the solution or part of the problem, so decide which camp you want to be in. Tearing down other peoples efforts makes one look like nothing but a bully. If someone wants to step up and help or thinks they can do it better come on down to the front row. I'll take all the help I can get. To the GREAT people helping me - THANK YOU!
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  2. KP4SX

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    When do you think you might be offering an HF ham transceiver?
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  3. W4ZD

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    Very good points, I concur on all. :)
  4. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yep, needs a cleaner transmitter too, other that that it's a pretty sound little rig. But the competition is tight and if the price isn't right nostalgia will only get you just so far. We have been hearing about this for some time now so lets see what pops out in October.
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  5. KA4DPO

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  6. K2WH

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    And there goes another one................................

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