Is SatPC32 the only Satellite Software ?

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by K2WH, Sep 29, 2021.

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  1. KS1G

    KS1G Ham Member QRZ Page

    The rotor setting can be a little tricky/frustrating - you have to select BOTH the Max elevation radio button to 90 deg and the Azimut rotor button for 450 deg will then be accessible. You can't have both flip capability and 450 selected as far as I know. I find I prefer flip over 450 deg, personal taste.

    How is your rotator control interface connected to the computer? Mine is a USB to an ERC-M, sometimes Windows loses the USB port; shut down SatPC32, unplug and plug the USB cable back in and you should be OK when you restart. It's an OS problem more than an app problem.

    Correct, Countdown only shows next pass. I use G0KLA's "KlaTracker" app to see multiple passes.

    Access to the W4, W5 displays depends on the resolution of your display and maybe size. My laptop won't display W5.

    Doppler.SQF has to be customized for your radio and the birds, as sometimes the satellite is a bit off or the radio may have some drift. At least that is my experience with older radios. RS44, the CAS birds, and EO-88 seem to be the most consistent for me. Fine tuning can be done entirely from the SatPC32 screens using CAT / Change/Store data file / Uplink Calibration.

    The developer is a native German speaker so some of the less (?) common error messages are auf Deutsch. He is extremely responsive to email questions and has done a bang up job for years on the program.

    I have not experienced the forgetting of saved settings (but if you use 2 configs, say for 2 different radios, changes made in Config 1 ARE NOT copies to Config 2).

    GPredict may have better eye candy but it's own idiosyncrasies. SatPC32 will grow on you.
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  2. KE6NET

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    I just purchased my first transceiver (a Yaesu FT-847) and I'm keen to get into satellite communications. I tried SATPC32 but found it to be confusing and couldn't get it to do much. So far the demo for Ham Radio Deluxe has treated me pretty well. My only complaint so far is that their online documentation is pretty old and the screenshots don't match the current version. I got stuck on downloading their Satellite Definitions, only to figure out that they get downloaded automagically. I also got stuck on setting my location coordinates; the Your Information tab under each satellite Options was greyed out and it was telling me that I was in the middle of the Atlantic! Thanks to their support forums I learned that this information needs to be entered into the Logbook module.

    Since it seems pretty polished, is mostly intuitive, and has some cool options like an audio announcement when the satellite that you're tracking is within range, I'll probably end up purchasing a license.
  3. KG4AKV

    KG4AKV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It has had some issues with its satellite support in the past. They got a new owner fairly recently and he had been working on getting them all fixed. Hopefully they are. I can't provide more information but if you get really stuck you might ask them for support or ask others if there are still bugs.

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