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Is Amateur Seismology in Your Future?

Discussion in 'Survey Center' started by AB5R, Aug 8, 2018.

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  1. AB5R

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    Many present and past hams have enjoyed delving into their own seismic stations either DIY or purchased. From your own home one may record distant earthquakes.

    One such organization is OSOP in Panama that provides personal seismographs and other equipment at reasonable cost. Their website is www.raspberryshake. org for details.

    I have enjoyed this "extra" hobby since 2006 and presently have a Raspberry Shake 1D.

    I have wondered IF this hobby might be interesting to Hams?

    Jerry AB5R
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  2. AB5R

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  3. AG6QR

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    Very interesting! I just spent quite a bit of time poring through that site's documentation. You might have just cost me a few hundred dollars.
  4. AB5R

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    As you read. they have several devices to choose from. It beats DIY, which I am not that good at, and spending several thousand dollars (that is counting on professional seismographs for tens of thousands of dollars.) At my location about 50 miles south of Fort worth, usually record events up to lower Kansas and out to the western edge of Mexico. Some events deeper and stronger are recorded farther away. I caught the 7.0 in Indonesia the other day, but that is the exception as the stronger events happen less frequently.
  5. N6PJB

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