Introducing the NEW BCH-220 Handheld Radio

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC0QVT, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. KC0QVT

    KC0QVT Ham Member QRZ Page

    July 14 2015
    BridgeCom Systems, Inc
    Phone:(816)532-8451 E-Mail:
    Contact: Tim King

    Introducing the BCH-220Handheld Radio

    Bridgecom Systems, Inc ispleased to announce the availability of a 220 MHz Handheld radio tothe amateur radio market.

    Introducing the BCH-220Handheld radio. It operates between 222-225 MHz, 1.25m, and features userselectable 5 or 2 Watts. Other features included: LCD Display, DTMFKeypad, 199 channels, 50 CTCSS/105 DCS, durable, good battery life,light weight at 230 grams and it is a perfect size to fit in the palmof your hand. For a full list of features and a specs visit or call816-532-8451.

    Bridgecom Systems, Inc. wasestablished in 2004 and is located in Smithville, MO. We specializein the development of communications equipment for land mobile radioand remote monitoring industries. Our first product to market was ananalog FM community repeater available in both UHF and VHF. Sincethat time, we developed an LTR controller and a new repeater seriescalled the BCR available in UHF, 220 MHz and VHF. Bridgecom Systemssignature product is called TL-NET. TL-NET is a multi-site wide arealinking product that links RF sites including: LTR, conventional,digital, P25 and more. As a third-party developer for MOTOTRBOproducts, TL-NET also allows for various enhancements to MOTOTRBOdigital repeaters operating in IP-Site connect mode.

    In addition, we offerconcept to reality engineering for your design and manufacturingneeds. Our services include electronic and software engineering andcomplete turn-key communication solutions.
    As the industry evolves weare committed to developing outstanding products that meet ourcustomers' needs.

    BridgeCom Systems, Inc
    102 NE State Route 92 Hwy,Ste C
    Smithville, MO 64089
  2. N8FM

    N8FM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting. Would be nice to take a look at. Too bad the link is dead.
  3. KL7YK

    KL7YK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Still waiting on the mobile version.
  4. KC2ASA

    KC2ASA Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. N8FM

    N8FM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ah, now it works. Was dead, earlier.
  6. KD4MOJ

    KD4MOJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm glad there is a source for 220 repeaters... I might have to look into this.

  7. VP9KS

    VP9KS Ham Member QRZ Page

    My question is "Where is it made, In China?"
  8. K7KBN

    K7KBN Ham Member QRZ Page

    And where in China is it made?
  9. KV3D

    KV3D Ham Member QRZ Page

  10. W4KVW

    W4KVW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I lot more money than the Baofeng UV-82X that has both 2 meters & 220 mhz & are Nice HT's.What makes this one a Great Deal or so different? :confused:


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