Introducing the Morserino-32, a New Way to Learn Morse Code

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by M0FEU, Feb 22, 2019.

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  1. M0FEU

    M0FEU Ham Member QRZ Page


    The brainchild of Willi Kraml (OE6WKL), the Morserino-32 is an entirely new way to learn Morse code. Developed in conjunction with the Graz Morse Code School, the prototype was unveiled at Friedrichshafen 2018 and the first early bird production run has now successfully shipped. Below is a short video taking a closer look at the echo trainer mode: one of the most important functions offered by the Morserino-32 and a very powerful tool for anyone hoping to improve their ability to copy Morse code in their head:

    Echo trainer mode is, however, just one of a very rich set of features available on the Morserino-32, for more information please see the official website:

    The firmware is completely updatable and the first official update should be available in the next few weeks. The developer is also very flexible and will supply PCBs and a parts list to clubs and societies who wish to use the Morserino-32 as a construction project. Below is a link to the presentation by the Graz Morse Code School at Friedrichshafen 2018, where the Morserino-32 was shown to the public for the first time:

    The Graz Morse Code School (and associated members) receives no financial benefit from the sale of the Morserino-32. The Morserino-32 in the video was bought at full retail price by Matt (OE6FEG) and will remain his sole property. The entire Morserino-32 project is conducted according to 'Ham Spirit'. A quick look at the Kickstarter project page shows clearly (to anyone with a knowledge of electronics marketing) that there is no profit being made on this project and certainly no remuneration for the many thousands of hours that Willi Kraml has spent working on it.
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  2. KD0YMG

    KD0YMG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Since I continue to struggle with learning the code, I'm always interested in new training aids. But stopped the video shortly after the actual demo started. I don't know if that's a square wave they're sending to the speaker, but ear fatigue would surely prevent me from using it. Too bad, because otherwise, it looks pretty cool.
  3. VA2SS

    VA2SS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I really find very cool the fact that we may practice decoding without any paper then pratice transmitting at the same speed into the same learning session.

    73 de Jeff | VA2SS
  4. W8HOG

    W8HOG Ham Member QRZ Page

    GOTA We need more Code OPs
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  5. KC9TNH

    KC9TNH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Concur with W8HOG and applaud their efforts - whatever gets more people off their CW derriere and onto the air.
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  6. HB9HFB

    HB9HFB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi M0FEU!
    Nice little video - thanks a lot! I already bought a kit and built it. I‘m not too keen on the paddles and tried it with my MFJ-564. The latter key hasn‘t lived up to its Bencher copy reputation either and I was trying to work out which key you use in the video, it looked nice and sturdy! Could you let me know maybe? Thanks. I was wondering whether to get the Kent Dual Paddle.
    Best 73, Chris HB9 HFB
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  7. WB3HAK

    WB3HAK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Where can I buy one .
    Just turned 75 and and even though I haven't been on CW hardly I want to get to speed and use CW.
    73, Carlos, WB3HAK.
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  8. VP9KF

    VP9KF Ham Member QRZ Page

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  9. 4Z1UG

    4Z1UG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I am curious to understand who this method works, if you are repeating the characters that you hear by retransmitting them with the key. Is there more information on this method and its success for training high speed CW operation?
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  10. M0FEU

    M0FEU Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm not a fan of capacitive paddles either, but I think these work better than most. As stated above, the paddle is made by Alberto Frattini, I1QOD. I'm afraid they are not cheap: €380 including postage in the EU. My advice is go for the Kent paddle, I used one for years and they work fine (imho). I also use the Morserino-32 with a Palm Paddle Mini when out of the house, which works very well. There is currently an issue with the dit timing which becomes noticable at speeds over 25 wpm. This will be dealt with in the first firmware upgrade coming in a few weeks. There is a slight typo in my original post: Willi's callsign is OE1WKL. I should also point out that the unit has both headphone and line out outputs, in case you really can't live with the built in speaker. For orders, please email Willi Kraml:

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