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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Oct 28, 2000.

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    Hi folks,

    Trippy Brown, wd8oep from Port Huron, Michigan with a piece of news
    that all hams from tech through extra will be able to participate in.
    Did ya know that hams can talk like they're on the radio, using call
    signs, q codes, etc.? That's right, you sure can. Just follow the step
    by step instructions, and you'll be qsoing or contesting in no time.

    Here are the steps as follows.

    1. go to and download the software.

    2. then read the agreement terms for usage

    3. You then, if you would like can go to the link titled test voice chat, and
    type your first name in the text box, and tab down to ok and press enter, and make
    sure your microphone on your computer is on, then press the ctrl key, and you're
    on, and you'll be able to hear your own voice, and if you hear your voice come
    back to you, you're ready to opperate.

    4. You then go to the link titled voice communities list

    5. Then click on that link and go down the page to the link titled the
    original audio-tips community

    6. Then, click on that link and go down that page to the link titled ham radio room

    7. click on that link by pressing enter

    8. type your call sign in the text box, (only call signs are accepted in that text box)

    9. then tab down 1 time to ok

    10. You then press enter and you'll be in the ham radio room

    11. Then, ask if the room is in use and if not, go ahead and cal cq like you normally
    wood and use your call sign of course, and hopefully you'll get a contact.

    Note--You have to press the ctrl key any time you want to talk, and
    when you're finished talking, release the ctrl key to listen.
    note--this room is just getting started, so if nobody comes back to
    your call, don't be surprised, but as word gets around, you'll have
    many stations coming back.

    So tell any ham you know about the ham radio voice chat room at and the precedure as I have let you know.

    73, and let's all have a great time on the digital airwaves

    If you have any questions about the ham radio voice chat room, just
    e.mail me at the following address note--If I reply to
    your question via an e.mail address other than the above, it's because
    I also have a e.mail address, and shoutmail also chacks
    my wd8oep address, but be asured that I do check e.mail 4 times a day,
    so I will get back to you.


    Trippy, wd8oep

    Thanks for any help you can give to promote the ham radio room

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