Innovations by Radio Amateurs - Pentagon scientists successfully test solar panel in space

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W0PV, Feb 24, 2021.

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  1. W8AAZ

    W8AAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Back in the 80s I had an idea in my head about a system for 3D TV. Never pursued it beyond the notes on a napkin stage. Using a specific technology. But many years later I was surprised to see a big Japanese company, Sony, I think, had done that and patented it using the same concept and technology. But I don't think it was anything they ever successfully marketed here. Ah, well.
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  2. ZL4IV

    ZL4IV Ham Member QRZ Page

    So how do you protect aircraft? Depending on altitude and moisture in the air an aircraft could be a good conductor feeding high altitude clouds to a potential to cause problems, and including unwanted spasmodic reflections back to other orbiting satellites ?
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  3. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am taking a break--my wife said if I was a drinking man she would make me a gallon-sized Martini to take the edge off this ripoff (rather intentional or not).

    When I come back I will post a simple paper here showing why the power density is low enough to not worry about frying anything, but high enough to collect on the ground (as RF) for power.

    Its an interesting topic and hams are very much part of the mix in wireless power transmission, and will continue to be.

    Chip W1YW
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  4. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Maybe that company with the caveman on TV...what's it called...INVENTHELP?

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  5. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page


    Here is a version of an 'aperture engine' panel. My colleagues and I built this a while back.

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  6. KL7KN

    KL7KN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My post was not about you.

    It was about powersats. And microwave power - clearly spelled out in the post/images posted..

    As for space-based LASERs, you may find this of interest. - from 1988
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  7. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Microwaves from powersats make no sense to use as a space to earth based weapon. The energy density is too low at the ground. If you wanted to get hundreds+ of watts per square meter at target, you SPS sat and reflectors would so so huge that it would be like shooting at the side of a barn, so to speak. Easy to take down a fairly delicate space structure. A sitting duck.

    Your sense that 'powersats could be used as weapons, so interest has gone down' is not correct. SPS interest is at record highs (pun intended). There is a rather large cottage industry at low TRL levels.

    The main problem with lasers is they are very inefficient. They have a tight beam but the energy wasted in pumping is high. So you could do lasercomms space to earth, but again, the sat ends up quite big to charge the batteries.
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  8. VE3VXO

    VE3VXO Guest

    Wouldn't it be a lot easier, less costly, and more efficient to just make a giant heliostat? Hell forget modulating it, just a giant array of steerable mirrors would make planet earth an unmistakable sign of intelligent life to whomever it was aimed at, when they finally got the signal. BTW this also proves that modulation is not necessarily a fundamental requirement in SETI. Just sayin.
    Sorry they stole your idea. Welcome to revisionist history 101. Nothing new.
  9. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    A very interesting idea. Let's take it from the ET to Earth end...

    The problem is that the amount of light reflected back in a specific direction would still be swamped by the ambient light from the star itself at cosmic distances, unless extremely high angular resolution is used at our end. Even then the amount of reflected light is still likely smaller than the residual sidelobes and artifacts in the imaging, in blocking out the parent star.

    Now if you were on MARS..that would be a great way to show your presence. In fact, I believe Percival Lowell suggested such an approach ...memory is fuzzy on that.

    Chip W1YW
  10. PJ2SM

    PJ2SM Ham Member QRZ Page

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