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Inexpensive Ham Radio Dust Covers

Discussion in 'Ham Made Gear' started by K8KZB, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. K8KZB

    K8KZB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    My wife and I make dust covers from felt backed vinyl and are open backed with a basic embroidery of the equipment name. We keep our covers basic so that we can keep the price down for everyone, our basic open back covers are all a flat $27 each. We also have options for a rear flap that can be folded under for $6 (this comes standard on the KXPA100 Cover) and an option to add your callsign for $8. This way, you can decide what you want that best fits your budget and your needs.

    We make these to order for the most part and it takes a couple days to fill orders and we ship them priority mail to the U.S. or wherever the U.S. mail does priority flat rate. We do not work on covers on the weekend so please keep that in mind when you order them.

    We currently make covers for Ameritron, Alpha, Acom, Collins, Drake, Elecraft, Flex, Hallicrafters, Heathkit, Icom, Kenwood, National, Palstar, Ten Tec and Yaesu. We can also make custom covers for other manufacturers based on your dimensions.

    We also want to make sure that those who served our Great Country know that we thank them for their service. All Veterans and Current Military persons will be given 10% off the bill as our personal thank you for serving our Country!

    We take Checks and PayPal

    Jeff and Amy
    20180117_085707 (1280x720).jpg 20180118_091030 (1280x720).jpg 20180125_191317 (1280x720).jpg 20180129_083121 (1280x720).jpg 20180213_085043 (1280x622).jpg 20180213_095959 (1280x622).jpg 20180215_095306 (1280x720).jpg 20180302_094559 (1280x720).jpg 20180325_152249 (1280x720).jpg

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  2. K6HT

    K6HT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is it possible to make a front flap so I won't have to remove the whole cover when I want to use my radio? With the front flap, I can also put some accessories on top of the radio without disturbing the radio cover. Thank you.
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  3. K8KZB

    K8KZB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes, I can do that. I would have it sewn at the top and hemmed on the sides and bottom. If you are leaving the very back open then it would be the same as the basic open back which is $27 :) you can email me direct at jeff ' at ' with your model and we can go from there.
  4. K6HT

    K6HT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok and thanks. I'll email you with my order.
  5. N6TCO

    N6TCO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  6. N6TCO

    N6TCO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Jeff and Amy do great work, made a custom cover for my ALS 1300 with the Palstar HF auto underneath.
    Looks GREAT!
  7. KF1P

    KF1P XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    WoW !!!! Great Covers at a Great Price ! ! !
    Added My call at a very nominal fee ! ! !

    Thank YOU Both ! ! !
  8. N7CDL

    N7CDL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Got mine in last week - looks and works very nice! Thanks for the quick turnaround.
  9. K8KZB

    K8KZB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    We are now making Logo and Signature Series Covers!

    We are authorized to use Logo's on all MFJ and it's sister companies, Elecraft, Icom, Ten-Tec, Alpha, SPE, Palstar and Legacy Logo's that are no longer active in The Federal Trademark Registry such as the Older Yaesu, Kenwood TRIO, Collins, Hallicrafters and more. We are the ONLY licensed company to make and sell covers for Ten-Tec and Alpha products.

    We can do hats, Shirts, Patches, Jackets and much more.

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