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SOLD Indians, Heathkit Marauder and Mohawk

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KZ4P, May 31, 2018.

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  1. KZ4P

    KZ4P XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have for sale or trade a transmitter and receiver set, Heathkit Marauder HX-10 and a Mohawk RX-1 receiver. The radios have been restored and are exceptionally clean. The cabinets have been completely stripped and factory painted. They look like new. The faceplates and knobs conditions are a 9.5 out of 10. I have the modifications documented and the manuals. Also there is an AK-5 speaker and an Electro Voice 619TR desktop microphone (Not pictured), and a Dow Key relay.

    Also included is a heavily modified Apache TX-1. It's CW only. It has no cabinet. FREE!

    Asking price $700 for all or trade for your ??? Would love to trade for a multi band Hex Beam... These radios weigh just shy of 100 lbs each so local pickup is preferred in Lovettsville, Virginia

    Heathkit Marauder HX-10 Transmitter

    The Heathkit "Marauder" SSB Transmitter is unmatched at less than twice its price! This transmitter operates SSB (upper or lower sideband), CW, AM and FSK. It features a full 180 watts P.E.P. on SSB and CW and operates on 80 through 10 meters. A smart panel meter allows monitoring of grid and plate current, high voltage, ALC, and relative power. Its many operating conveniences include VOX controlled break-in CW and automatic level control (ALC) for higher talk power. The multi-section, hermetically sealed crystal band-pass filter ensures a clean signal with low distortion. Superb engineering of this transmitter results in carrier suppression of 50 db and unwanted sideband suppression of 55 db.

    Other operating conveniences include accessory sockets, output for a monitor scope such as the HO-10, and FSK input. The preheated, temperature compensated VFO provides 100 cps stability after warmup. The final amplifier is shielded and air-cooled, and the 165 to 1 vernier gear drive tuning assembly ensures precise, smooth tuning. It features beautiful exterior styling and heavy chrome plated knobs.

    Take any other transmitter on the market, compare its price, performance, features, quality and versatility with the Heathkit "Marauder" and you'll find none that offer so much at so great a savings! The "Marauder" is a transmitter that has everything you'll need to enjoy SSB amateur operations to their fullest ... a quality instrument that can be depended upon for years of faithful service.

    SPECIFICATIONS--emission: SSB (upper or lower sideband), CW, AM and FSK. Power input: 180 watts PEP--SSB and CW, 75 watts AM. Output impedance: 50 to 75 ohms with not more than approximately 2:1 SWR. Frequency range (MC): 3.5 to 4.1; 6.9 to 7.5; 13.9 to 14.5; 20.9 to 21.5; 27.9 to 28.5; 28.5 to 29.1; 29.1 to 29.7. Frequency stability: within 100 cps, after warmup. Carrier suppression: 50 db below peak output. Unwanted sideband suppression: 55 db below peak output. Keying characteristics: Break-in CW provided by operating VOX from a keyed tone using grid-block keying. Audio input: High impedance microphone. Audio frequency response: 400 to 3000 cps at ± 3 db. Power requirements: OFF--4 watts; STANDBY--200 watts; KEY DOWN--400 watts at 117 volts, 50/60 cycles AC. Cabinet size: 19" W. x 11 5/8" H. x 16" D.

    Moawk RX-1 Receiver

    Designed for extra performance ... "Mohawk" DELUXE AMATEUR RECEIVER

    Styled to match the "Apache" transmitter the "Mohawk" ham band receiver provides all the functions required for clear, rock-steady reception. Designed especially for ham band operation this 15-tube receiver features double conversion with IF's at 1682 kc and 50 kc and covers all the amateur frequencies from 160 through 10 meters on 7 bands with an extra band calibrated to cover 6 and 2 meters using a converter. Specifically designed for single sideband reception with crystal controlled oscillators for upper and lower sideband selection. A completely preassembled wired and aligned front end coil bandswitch assembly assures ease of construction and top performance of the finished unit. Other features include 5 selectivity positions from 5 kc to 500 CPS, bridge T-notch filter for excellent heterodyne rejection, and a built-in 100 kc crystal calibrator.

    Specifications—Fifteen tube double conversion superheterodyne receiver with selectable sideband. First IF frequency: 1682 KC. Second IF frequency: 50 KC. Band coverage: 160-10 meters. Selectivity range: 5 kc, 3 kc, 2 kc, 1 kc, .5kc. Bridged T notch filer: 50 db rejection notch. Panel controls: RF Gain, Tuning, IF Gain, Antenna Trimmer, AF Gain w/on-off switch, Calibrate Set, T-Notch Tuning, Calibrate On, T-Notch Depth, CW-SSB-AM, ANL, Receive-Standby, AVC, Upper-Lower Sideband, BFO, Selectivity, Band, Phones. Tube complement: 6BZ6 RF AMplifier, 6SC6 First Mixer, 12AT7 Oscillator-Cathode Follower, 6BA6 1682 kc IF amplifier, 6CS6 Second mixer, 12AT7 1632-1732 kc crystal Oscillator, 6BA6 50 kc IF amplifier, 6BJ7 DET-AVC-ANL, 6SC6 Product Detector, 12AT7 First Audio S Meter Amp., 6AQ5 Audio Output, 6BA6 100 kc Oscillator, OA2 Voltage Regulator, 5V4 Rectifier. Signal to noise ratio: 10 db at less than 1 microvolt input. Power required: 117 VAC, 50/60 cycle, 75 watts. Cabinet size: 19½" W x 11 5/8" H x 16" D.

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  2. KZ4P

    KZ4P XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Marauder and mic are sold pending funds and pick-up
  3. K5NSN

    K5NSN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Are you at all willing to ship the Mohawk RX-1?
    I am in Weatherford, TX 76087
    May not be reasonable cost to ship, but thought I'd ask.

  4. KZ4P

    KZ4P XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have no problem shipping it except that I'm wheelchair bound right now. I have a broken leg and so it's not possible for me to carry an 85 lb radio :) I haven't heard from the gent that wants to pick up the Marauder, so it may still be available also. Need to re-edit my listing. Nice Indians at your operating position shown on

    Thanks for asking Jim. Not quite sure how we can work that out.

    vy. 73

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  5. K5NSN

    K5NSN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I understand Brian. The cost of shipping west of the Mississippi may be too much... Thank you for your reply and comments. Finding a great condition Mohawk is tough. I'd like to have another Mohawk to lash up to the my Marauder in the shack. The One I have is lashed to the Apache & sharing the TR relay built is a lot of mess to have two transmitters lashed to one receiver. No rush to obtain a second Mohawk... Just another day in paradise.

    73 !
    Heal well & soon,
  6. KZ4P

    KZ4P XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks Jimmie :) Take'er easy OM... :)
  7. KZ4P

    KZ4P XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Te Marauder is sold and I posted a separate add for the Mohawk.

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