ILLW - International Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend Organization

Discussion in 'Hamfest and Convention Calendar' started by K2JXW, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. GM3CSO

    GM3CSO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Over the past few days I have been watching the input to this forum and I feel it is now timely to make some comment.

    I am GM3CSO and the Secretary of the Ayr Amateur Radio Group, which initiated, designed, developed and now run the ILLW - we own the event on behalf of Amateur Radio enthusiasts world wide.

    The Ayr Amateur Radio Group also owns the web site, which is the only web site used by our group to run the ILLW - any others are not valid. Our webmaster for the site is Ayr club member VK2CE, who is assisted in this task by several other members of the Ayr club.

    Earlier this year our group was approached by Mr Weidner looking to create a partnership with us to jointly run the ILLW. After careful consideration we felt (rightly or wrongly) that the move would soon turn to commercialisation and we declined his offer. We concluded that turning the ILLW into a business would substantially change its core "amateur" values and its wide appeal to the whole Amateur Radio community.

    During these discussions, Mr Weidner confirmed his understanding that the owner of the ILLW is Ayr Amateur Radio Group. With this in mind, we expected him to accept our wishes and let us get on with running the event. However, since then he has pursued the promotion of his web site and has on many occasions degraded the ILLW work of our club - and VK2CE in particular.

    Over the past months the Ayr Amateur Radio Group has tried hard to stay above the pettiness that is being circulated by Mr Weidner about the ILLW. However, with his latest outburst, we feel it is important that we clarify the status of the ILLW event and, in particular, the web site

    We hope the above facts are helpful and it is good to see the proportion of supporters on this forum.
  2. K4NTO

    K4NTO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    ILLW - who was here orginally

    Mr. Weidner is right - to count for awards you must be registered as a paid member of his organization - ARLHS. However the orginal ILLW was conceived to mix the fun of lighthouses and amateur radio - not for awards or contests.

    ILLW was created over 10 years ago by the British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society and the website was created on 8/14/2003 in Australia by Kevin. Mr. Weidner suggested the combination of his organization with ILLW and was turned back. So he acquired the website on Aug 23, 2006. This is all public record by checking the who is database.

    As far as ex-members go Mr. Weidner is correct. I can not say that they are disgrunted. They are ex-members because they questioned where all the money goes that is given to ARLHS. He has refused to dislose it since it is part of the Weidner Publishing Corporation. It is not against the law to make money off of amateur radio but there is a question of ethics when you hide the purpose of the organization.
  3. K2JXW

    K2JXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Another correction to K4NTO

    This simply must not pass uncorrected:

    Awards issued by and under the ARLHS Awards Program are open to everyone. It is not necessary to be a member of the Society to qualify for and receive an award. See their awards page at
  4. GM3CSO

    GM3CSO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Response to ARLHS Statement - post 16

    Further to my previous post (#15) and the Statement by Mr Weidner.

    Thanks for the statement on behalf of Mr Weidner.

    I could rebut the various points within the document but I know that would make little difference to the efforts he and his organisation are making to acquire the ILLW event. Nor do I want to give the statement the credence of a detailed reply.

    But I will say this - contrary to Mr Weidner's example that nobody owns Christmas, somebody does own the ILLW and it is the Ayr Amateur Radio Group. As I said in my previous posting, the Ayr Group initiated, designed, developed and now run the ILLW - if that's not ownership I don't know what is!

    We operate and administer the ILLW (voluntarily and free of charges) for Hams everywhere and have an excellent track record for delivery of the event.

    Earlier in the year, after we declined Mr Weidner's merger request, it was hoped that he would have the integrity to accept our position and leave us to get on with our ILLW activities. That was too much to hope for and it is now abundantly clear that in rejecting his request we did the right thing.

    I am not going to ping-pong claims and counter claims about the ILLW via this forum. The members of Ayr Amateur Radio Group are keen to leave this issue behind and get on with the work of delivering a superb ILLW. We welcome all participating stations, new names and old friends, and wish everybody a great ILLW.

    To take part (16th and 17th August) and have some fun, please see our web site -

    GM3CSO - Secretary, Ayr Amateur Radio Group.
  5. VK3PC

    VK3PC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lifted lighthouses not the way to go

    Thank you for publicly admitting that listings on ILLW.ORG list include those taken from the ILLW.NET website.

    I would estimate that the majority of lighthouses on your website have been lifted from the ILLW.NET list. Add a few who stumbled on your website or have been directly recruited, of course your total will be higher.

    Shame on you! This is not amateur radio!

    Jim Linton VK3PC
    PS: Please remove from your website the VK3WI listing due to the embarrassment is it causing by appearing to support the antics of ILLW.ORG
  6. K4NTO

    K4NTO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Mistake on the start of ILLW

    I stated that the ILLW was created by BARLHS but in reality it was started by Mike Dalrymple, GM4S"UC, and the Ayr Amateur Radio Group.

    My appology.
  7. M1DZT

    M1DZT Ham Member QRZ Page

    International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend

    Having read K2JXU's message I have to point out a few facts.
    1. In 2006 I decided not to renew my membership of the ARLHS, I then noticed that my details were still listed on the membership web page in 2007, so I sent an email to the ARLHS HQ asking that they be removed, but at the start of 2008 the details were still shown, believing this helped to gave a false total of the membership I again sent an email. I have just checked the ARLHS web site today and find not only am I STILL shown as a member of the ARLHS, but also of the How many more ex members are listed to help keep the grand total high.
    2. I am the keeper of the call sign GB4SML for the Saint Mary's Lighthouse in the Northeast of England, and have for the last two years entered the details of our ILLW operation with Kevin VK2CE on the web site. At no time have I requested the details be entered on the ARLHS site, BUT both last year and again this year they have been entered, how I ask K2JXW could he have obtained the information ??. Finally once again would you please remove my details from both your lists
    Kenneth M1DZT
  8. MM5PSL

    MM5PSL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mr Weidner, no more diversions please? Nobody is interested in facts and figures. If your earlier claim of 1,600 'Paid up' members is anything to go by, your numbers are meaningless. Why are there still so many on your membership list who have long since gone? I am certainly not a member nor 'paid up' anything, neither are others I could name, but we are still there and being counted are we not?

    Take a long hard look in the mirror. You have everything to loose. I once held you in high esteem for all you did for lighthouses and amateur radio. But not any longer. Whatever there was to loose, you appear to have lost it.
  9. M1DZT

    M1DZT Ham Member QRZ Page


    Re Membership lasting for a lifetime.
    I find it very misleading to include inactive members on you lists (which anyone can view), thus giving a false total to anyone deciding to become a member. Why do you feel unable to show how many ACTIVE members are on your books ?.

    You have still not told me how you obtained the GB4SML details.

    Once again would you please remove my details from your lists. I hope that I will not need to ask again.

    Kenneth M1DZT
  10. M1DZT

    M1DZT Ham Member QRZ Page


    This is now getting very silly, I do not understand your remarks regarding my email address on QRZ which is my correct address and has been public on a number of web sites for the last 10yrs. Once again I still say it is wrong of you refuse to remove someones details from your site even when asked to do so on a number of on a number of occasions, and I now leave it to other people to come to their own conclusions.

    Kenneth M1DZT
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