ILLW - International Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend Organization

Discussion in 'Hamfest and Convention Calendar' started by K2JXW, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. K2JXW

    K2JXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not to confuse matters, but ILLW registrations at the faux ILLW.NET web site are not valid for certified awards and certificates from the ILLW Organization nor from the ARLHS (Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society). The original Organization web site is at http://illw.org -- click on the "Weekend Participants" tab to register.

    The registrations on the Organization web site are running well over previous years and are exceeding even those listed on the ILLW NET list (which, after all, is not the true, accurate, or complete list).
  2. VK2CE

    VK2CE Ham Member QRZ Page

    The International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW) is not, has never been and never will be a contest with awards, certificates, prizes etc. It is a fun weekend despite the confusing efforts of some to make it otherwise.
    The guidelines, entry form and participants list are all where they have been since 2001 at
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2008
  3. MM5PSL

    MM5PSL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Work it out yourself.

    I know this is an old thread....just found it.
    I've entered GB2ELH or GB2LHI every year from the Shetland Islands since 2001 and always register with How come my details are on I never put them there?
    That .org site appeared from nowhere in 2007.
    Work it out for your self.
  4. W7WLL

    W7WLL Guest

    International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend

    K2JXW is off base.

    I have operated in the ILLW since 1999 and the information and registration site has always been the site. K2JXW's (the leader of the ARLHS) makes the statement "... ILLW registrations at the faux ILLW.NET web site are not valid for certified awards and certificates from the ILLW Organization nor from the ARLHS..." is the only correct statement I read.

    The Ayr Amateur Radio Group,who originated the event, and all the other dedicated amateurs who have since contributed to to the event through the effort, work hard to ensure this is a fun event, free from the pressures of contest rules, awards and certificates. If K2JXW who runs the ARLHS and the new site wants to give awards and certificates that is his perogative, but to use the guise of a 'faux' site as an attempt to hijack the efforts of the Ayr group and all other participating amateurs is a travesty.

    I was told I was listed on the site, checked and sure enough, there I was. I NEVER registered with the .org site. I asked to have my information removed several weeks ago via the site contact point. It has not happened and I never even received the courtesy of a response. The only way my information could have gotten to the site is by copying it from the site, which I would not doubt where most of the other listings originated.

    There is no reason for the leader of the ARLHS to attempt to hijack a already well run event under the guise of a 'new' organization. We do not need this kind of mockery in amateur radio. It helps no one.
  5. G4IAR

    G4IAR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also registered 3 intended Lighthouse activations via

    These have appeared on the unofficial site.

    These have obviously been plagiarised by someone struggling to get their own registrations.
  6. K2JXW

    K2JXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    ILLW Organization responds to detractors

    Let's clear the air and get the facts straight:

    1) Without exception, the negative commentators above were either one-time members of the ARLHS and were asked to resign or quit, hence their disgruntled attitude, or they have a vested interest in the faux

    2) We have written documetation showing that the ARLHS, along with GM4SUC, organized the ILLW in 1997, well before the 2001 date claimed by VK2CE for his web site, which, internet records show, was registered by him in 2001 after he bolted the ARLHS to form his own group.

    3) The ILLW.ORG list of participants has more than 20 addtional registrants over the NET list. Who is copying whom?

    4) Listings on the ILLW.ORG list are taken from direct submissions by the participants themselves or from public information available to anyone on the internet. We resent the implication by MM5PSL (our former European representative) that we have plagiarized. This is libelous.

    5) The ILLW.ORG site remains the most valid and most referred-to site for the ILLW event, as evidenced by its ranking on the list of the Top 25 International Lighthouse Sites. The ARLHS and ILLW.ORG sites consistently rank in the #1 and #2 spots, well above the meager interest shown in the site.

    6) The ILLW.ORG list contains much more information than the faux NET list; for example, for each light activation the recognized ARLHS number is given, latitude and longitude coordinates are cited, IOTA references are listed, photos of the light are given where available, and a Google map showing the location of the light is shown. Now, are these features something we copied from VK2CE's list? We think not! The invalid VK2CE list has none of these features.

    7) The ARLHS, along with the ILLW Organization will continue to support the ILLW event, in spite of its detractors. Our almost 1600 paid members worldwide take an active interest in promoting and sponsoring lighthouse restoration and expeditions, with financial contributions to such groups as the CQ9U activation of the Madeiras Island light (ARLHS MAD-001), the HandiHams group for handicapped hams, and the rehabilitation of numerous lighthouses.

    The VK2CE group has done nothing of this sort and is in this only for the glorification of VK2CE. The original ILLW Organization has been and will remain at
  7. K4NTO

    K4NTO XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    The Internationa Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend is and always has been the original concept of a group of British Hams that is open to all hams worldwide. The official website is ARLHS, a private American for profit Corporation, is the owner of the ARLHS society and as of last year received the website The owner of the corporation is trying to steer additional business to his company by grabbing this website and increase his membership base for ARLHS. His intentions of ARLHS is a good sidebar for amateur radio but it has no place in amateur radio as a for profit corporation.
  8. W7WLL

    W7WLL Guest


    Not sure why K2JXW is using his club call KC2HOU in responding, guess it could have been Harvey or the faux VK call he sometime uses but it really doesn't matter . . .

    My recollection of the 'contract' is that one must agree, before being allowed to join K2JXW's group to a contract that in part states "..."Welcome to the User Agreement for the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, a division of The Weidner Publishing Group." (available on the web at I have been involved in billion dollar company contracts that weren't as onerous as this one. I also would bet The Weidner Publishing Group is a for profit company. All control of the ARLHS appears to solely vest in K2JXW and individuals in the company or family; the members have little or no say on the 'contract' or ARLHS policies unless approved by K2JXW. This is the reason that many 'quit' the ARLHS - meaning did not continue paying dues into a 'non-profit' organization which provided no accountablility of the finances associated with the organization.

    I notice that some funding (from member dues I suppose) was granted recently to a European group wanting to put a LH on the air. I think this is a fine gesture, but in the amateur clubs I belong to, doing so would be put up to a vote of the membership.

    I think it fair to say that many who 'quit' (I don't know who might have been asked to 'resign' and how this would be accomplished) did so because it became obvious that their questions and input about the ARLHS finances (where were my dues going) or policies were squashed by the ARLHS owner, K2JXW and the members essentially called troublemakers.

    I also recollect that the ARLHS was founded in 2000 so don't understand how something that didn't exist could have been a part of any 1997 or subsequent year ILLW activity (I grant that the 'K2JXW Lighthouse page' was listed as a link along with several other sites in '97). The site of K2JXW was not created until 2007 and the ARLHS members have been constantly bombarded with messages to visit the new site and 'vote' for it. Strange behavior. This 'renegade' site hardly precedes the original SUC/ZDH list site or the site turnover to VK2CE and the reorganized site in 2001, does it.
  9. MM5PSL

    MM5PSL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh! Has he gone? Pity, wanted to ask him some questions..
    I'll ask them anyway. He might be back to answer them.

    Individuals on this thread categorically state, their entries for ILLW were sent to, and intended for, The owners and organisers of this event are, and always will be as far as I am concerned, the Ayr Radio Group. Those entries and many more like them, were never intended for Therefore, the only way these entries could arrived on the web page is by copying from Do you not agree Mr Weidner, K2JXW? More to the point, many do not want their details on I too asked for my entry to be removed in 2007 and was ignored. Why were these requests ignored? Could it be to imply all entrants registered with Or prevent a dramatic loss of numbers compared with

    Perhaps you can also explain why a handful of entries including the one from Oman are not on Could it be because these entries willingly or unwittingly registered with If were doing the copying, surely they would appear there also?

    Incidentally, you should really be sure of your facts before making wild accusations. I have never in my life used the word 'plagiarise' in any of its forms until this very moment.

    Have a good day
  10. G4IAR

    G4IAR Ham Member QRZ Page

    K2JXW posted "1) Without exception, the negative commentators above were either one-time members of the ARLHS and were asked to resign or quit, hence their disgruntled attitude, or they have a vested interest in the faux"


    I have never been & never will be a member of said organisation, nor do I have a vested interest in I registered with them & with them ONLY. SOMEONE has copied my entry without permission to the 'other' site.
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