Icom Releases New HT -- ID-31A Plus 5W UHF D-STAR Transceiver

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W4LKO, Dec 12, 2017.

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  1. K8XG

    K8XG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Because the AMBE chip is the Best sounding, anyone can buy one for $25 in qty=1, so its not a hidden thing only the huge radio goods can buy. Several folks have built multi-mode USB sticks with them. The free codecs just don't work as good and why the commercial radio companies buy the AMBE chip as well.

    You do know the Transistor was a proprietary part of AT&T, and Sony had to buy rights to make them for the first transistor radios.

    By the time we are about to die the AMBEs and their clones will be like transistors today and hams will be upset about the Proprietary Sub-Space radio chip and they wont do ham radio over the solar system because you have to pay someone $25 for a special chip to do so... Ha !
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  2. KB9MWR

    KB9MWR Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's expired per:

    And while there aren't a lot of hams with the math background to do the stuff in software... there are a few implementations. The latest is in op25.

    I'd love to see better communications from the ham community to the R&D people at the "big three." Does anyone even know any names of the R&D people at Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu?

    I am very irritated with Yaesu. They were the last folks to enter the digital game, and yet felt the need to introduce another proprietary digital format.
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  3. N6UTD

    N6UTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    there are a lot of comments in this string that don't really pertain to the original post, which was introducing a new version of the ID-31 the 31a plus! Is it worth upgrading from a previous ID-31? Not sure. Do I love my ID-31a Plus? Absolutely! I also have an ID-51a Plus 2 - so same generation, and I'm not sure which one I love more. The size (and shape) of the ID-31 is awesome. It slips easily into any pocket so it is comfortable and minimizes the nerd effect of carrying a radio in public! I think it is better sized and shaped than any other digital radio.

    Some have brought up that the price is high, but you get what you pay for. The ID-31a Plus is quality made in Japan. Some tout the inexpensiveness of Chinese DMR radios, but if you compare it to the Anytone 878, the Icom is currently only $5 more! I have three Anytones, and they have louder speakers, but every single one them developed a slippery VFO in a very short time, and have difficulty stripping out tones on certain repeaters - which made them useless on those repeaters.

    Some made comments comparing DMR to D-Star, but the bottom line is that there is no comparison in ease of front panel programming between the ID-31a / 51a and a DMR radio. The ID-31 is super easy, and I can program a new repeater in about a minute. Try that on a DMR radio.

    It seems that the expansion of DMR is primarily driven by cheap radios. With this in mind, I don't think people take the value of their time into account when making a digital choice. Sure, one can save a few bucks by selecting a DMR radio instead of an Icom, but then they have to take more time to program it. So is saving a few bucks on the initial purchase really worth it in the long run? For me, I would rather save time and pay a few bucks more than take the time to write custom code plugs, or even worse - have to rely on other people's code plugs!

    Also, the ID-31's ability to find a close repeater based on position is super cool when driving to another area - which is something I don't think any other radio does. Analog works great on the ID-31, and D-Star sounds very good.

    Here is one of the best discussions I have read regarding DMR vs D-Star: http://www.mikemyers.me/blog/2016/2/19/d-star-dmr-fusion-which-is-right-for-you-7nhdl. The only thing I would add is that there are now mixed mode repeaters for D-Star too.

    I highly recommend the ID-31a+ for anyone considering a new HT. I think it is great for the beginner and veteran user alike. It is great for the beginner because you don't end up having to re-buy a radio when you get tired of your cheap radio. The only real thing the ID-31 is missing compared to the ID-51 is VHF, but with the ability to tune into any reflector, and many systems transmitting on VHF and UHF simultaneously, I don't consider it a big loss. And I have found that with all my devices, the ones that more easily fit into my pocket tend to be the ones I use more - and the ID-31a Plus is no exception. Enjoy
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