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ICOM LC-192 - IC-705 QRP backpack review

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VA2PV, Mar 4, 2021.

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  1. VA2PV

    VA2PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello everyone,

    In this video I show you how I arranged the contents of the ICOM backpack, the LC-192 for the QRP IC-705 radio. Including the HF Comet HFJ-350M antenna and the Diamond RS-520 support.

    73 Pascal VA2PV.

    LC-192 Thumb.jpg
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  2. DO5OMH

    DO5OMH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Americans are funny people.....
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  3. N1IPU

    N1IPU Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    God is an American.

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  4. KA0USE

    KA0USE Ham Member QRZ Page

    i love your cat!
    mine liked to hide in a pack and swat at whatever (or whoever) walked by.
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  5. WN1MB

    WN1MB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Indeed. Guilty as charged.

    I guess if one can afford the 705, then $170 for a silly backpack is ... ahem, reasonable.
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  6. UT7UX

    UT7UX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Honestly I'm disappointed. I wanted to see the cat, not a strange stuff instead. :)
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  7. UT7UX

    UT7UX Ham Member QRZ Page

    The right of the people to keep and bear Arms is fundamental and undebatable part of the freedom. I'd add cheap gas and V8 trucks however that right itself which shall not be infringed is pretty enough.
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  8. W7UUU

    W7UUU Principal Moderator Lifetime Member 133 Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Please keep comments at least somewhat relevant to to the actual topic of this Amateur Radio News forum topic.

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  9. KA0USE

    KA0USE Ham Member QRZ Page

    your cat and i think the whole kit is cool.
    your cat would thank you for a mouse tail to swat.
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  10. N1IPU

    N1IPU Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Luke 22:36. Dunno about Pick ups and cheap gas.

    I do agree with you though the backpack is silly at the price asked. For that money I could kit out a proper backpack.

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