For Sale Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Uniden, MFJ, Jetstream, more items

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by K2CB, Mar 15, 2017.

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  1. K2CB

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    Time to clean out my ham shack and work shop!

    Please scroll down. Photos of all items attached below.

    ALL prices do NOT include shipping. I will ship at actual USPS or UPS rates; I do not mark up or charge for packing, etc.

    Icom IC-746 HF/VHF base transceiver
    In good condition, works perfect. Includes never used HM-36 hand mic, original dc power cord, and manual. No optional filters. Has MARS mod done.

    Icom IC-207H 144/440 dual band mobile
    In decent shape, works fine. Includes manual, mic, bracket, and dc power cord.

    Icom IC-V8 2m ht limited green color front panel edition
    Works fine, very good condition. Includes original antenna, lanyard, BP-222 battery pack, and BC-147 wall wart for the charger. Unfortunately I could not find the BC-146 cradle, so you will need your own charger cradle to charge the radio.

    Icom IC-W2A 144/440 dual band ht
    Sold as is due to its age. Radio works fine, but unfortunately the original owner engraved his name on the rear panel. See pics. Otherwise, in decent shape for its age. Includes BC-77 wall charger, two aftermarket BP-85 battery packs, antenna, and original manual. Battery packs need the drop in charger to be charged, but unfortunately I do not have the drop in charger for it. Radio fully tested via dc supply. I also have a non-working W&W Associates MasterCharger 1A with three cradles (Icom BP and 2 others) I will include with it.

    Icom CP-13L cigar lighter power adapter for HTs

    Icom BC-149 6vdc 1000ma power supply
    For R20, etc. In like new condition, but has name engraved on it. Works fine.

    Icom FL-101 250Hz 9MHz crystal filter

    Icom FL-222 1.8KHz 455KHz crystal filter

    Icom FL-223 1.9KHz 9MHz crystal filter

    Icom HM-46 speaker mic

    Icom HM-70 speaker mic

    Kenwood TS-590S HF/50MHz transceiver
    Brand new in the box. I bought this and never even took it out of the box. Its been sitting in the closet. I just now cut the box open to take the photos below. Truly brand new, never even powered up.
    Pictures speak for themselves.

    Kenwood TS-450SAT hf transceiver
    In very good condition. Extremely clean for its age. Works perfect in every way. No optional filters, but has built in antenna tuner. Includes power cord, MC-60 desk mic, and manuals on CD (no paper version).

    Kenwood TM-D700A 144/440 dual band transceiver with packet tnc
    Brand new in the box. Never taken out of the box or used. I liked this classic model so much years ago that I had one in the car, one in the shack, and put a new spare in the closet. Forgot I even had it there! See pictures.

    Kenwood TM-V71A 144/440 dual band transceiver
    In like new condition. Not a mark on it. Used only a handful of times in the shack, never mobile. Includes everything as when new.

    Kenwood TH-D7A 144/440 dual band APRS ht
    In good condition. Includes antenna, carry case, and manual. Unfortunately I could not locate the original charger for it. Priced accordingly.

    Kenwood MC-80 desk microphone
    In good condition, works fine.

    Kenwood MC-50 desk mic
    Has 8-pin plug for TS-430/440/930/940 etc.
    $60 plus shipping

    Kenwood SP-23 external speaker
    In good condition, works fine. No cord included.

    Kenwood SP-820 external speaker with audio filters and two inputs

    In very good condition.

    Kenwood PS-30 20a/13.8vdc power supply
    Has 2ft factory attached cord with 6-pin plug for older hf radios such as TS440, IC735, etc. In good condition.

    Kenwood KPS 23A 13.8vdc switching power supply

    Brand new but missing original box.

    Yaesu FT-60R dual band hand held and optional drop in rapid charger

    Both are brand new and never opened, never used. Paid $160 for the radio and $80 for the charger. Save $50 and shipping........ $175

    Yaesu FT-1500m 2m vhf mini mobile radio
    Includes mic, bracket, power cord, and manual.
    Radio is in good condition, hand mic cord has been taped just below the mic itself. New mic available on eBay and Amazon for $15, or cords for less than $10, if so desired.

    Yaesu VX-1R 144/440 dual band mini ht
    Includes antenna and optional E-DC-15 cigar power adapter. No other items.
    Radio in fair condition, condition of internal battery unknown. Battery door clip had broken and previous owner did some sort of glued repair job (see pics).
    Radio tested on dc power, receives and transmits ok, and appears to function properly, but sold as it.
    $50 for the radio and dc adapter. Or $40 for the radio, $15 for the dc adapter.

    Yaesu MH-34B4B speaker mic

    Jetstream JT220M 220MHz 50w mobile transceiver
    In excellent condition. Includes everything when new except the mounting bracket. Radio is perfect except for a few small marks where the side met the bracket. Mic looks like it was never used. DC power cord still sealed in bag.

    Azden AZ-51 6m 50MHz handheld transceiver
    Includes two antennas and case. Radio works fine, battery holds a charge, but I do not have a charger to go with it. Due to age, sold as is, but it does work.

    Uniden BCD-996XT scanner

    Brand new in the box, still sealed, never opened. Two available.
    $275 each

    Uniden BC-RH96 remote head option for the BCD-996XT
    Brand new in the box, still sealed, never opened. One available.

    Uniden BC-200XL handheld scanner
    In fair shape, works fine, but unfortunately the original owner engraved his name on the back panel. Includes AC adapter, cigar dc cord, and antenna. No manual.

    Astron RS-20A power supply
    Works fine, some scratches, but not bad shape.

    Tripp-Lite PR-40 40a/13.8vdc power supply
    In excellent condition.
    $140 plus shipping.

    MFJ-269PRO HF/VHF/UHF antenna analyzer
    Brand new, in original box with manual and N-male to UHF-female adapter. No batteries, but will include optional 12v wall wart power supply.

    MFJ-1026 Noise Canceller
    In good shape, works fine. Includes whip antenna and manual.

    MFJ-890 DX Beacon Monitor
    In good shape. Includes manual.

    MFJ-931 Artificial Ground unit
    In good shape. Includes manual.

    MFJ-962D 1.5KW Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner
    In good shape. Includes manual.

    Comet CF-142 144/440 diplexer
    In new condition.

    Daiwa DX-10D vhf/uhf diplexer

    Jetstream CO-201 two position coax switch


    Standand CMP-112 speaker mic


    Alinco EMS-50 speaker mic


    AEA PK-232MBX all mode TNC

    Late production unit (indicated by the fact it has the multiple colored LEDs vs. the all red LEDs of the earlier units). Version 7.2 firmware. Includes one radio cable, dc power cable, and original manual. In excellent condition.
    $135 plus shipping.

    West Mountain Radio RIGBlaster Plus
    In good shape. Includes AC adapter. No radio cables or manual.

    Radio Shack 12-250 Weather Alert Receiver
    In good shape, works fine.

    Astatic 878DM amplified dynamic desk mic
    Currently wired for 8-pin Kenwood HF radios.
    In excellent condition.
    $50 plus shipping.

    Shure 527B dynamic hand microphone
    Wired for 8-pin Kenwood hf transceivers.

    Bird 2500H 2-30MHz 2500w element for the Bird 43 series meters

    In excellent condition. Tested and verified against LP-100A.
    $170 shipped.

    Micronta 22-206 FET Multimeter
    Tested and in working condition, with probes.
    $25 plus shipping

    Vanco external speaker
    $10 plus shipping

    Coax jumpers with misc connectors as noted:
    Qty 2 - 3ft RG213 PL259-PL259 nickel body gold pin crimp connectors $16
    Qty 1 - 3ft RG213 PL259-N Male silver crimp connectors $17
    Qty 1 - 4ft RG213 PL259-PL259 Amphenol 83-1SP soldered connectors $19
    Qty 1 – 25ft RG8X PL259-PL259 silver Teflon soldered connectors $28

    All prices plus shipping.
    Postal money order or personal check ok. Other payment methods negotiable.

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