Icom IC-7300 Firmware 1.41 bricked the radio

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by N4UZZ, Jul 16, 2021.

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    If it ain't broke,
    don't fix it.
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    I haven't read every known manual, and can only speak from my experience in building many computers, both for business and personal use. Every once in a while, a firmware upgrade would tank a CMOS/BIOS. The old computers, were notorious for becoming a brick after a firmware upgrade on a failed upgrade. However, we would pull the battery, bootload with a 1.44" floppy diskette with the smallest footprint I had ever seen linux (just enough to do basic functions of computer recovery back in the day), that would bypass CMOS settings and allow an older firmware version to be re-installed.

    That said, there is probably a way to reset the unit internally by the manufacturer to recover the unit, but that there is no "consumer" way to do it. That is more from my personal experience.

    However, I agree with you that it is unsettling that there is not a way to do this on the consumer side.
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    "I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another you've been messin' around [with firmware updates]"


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    Depending on the microcontroller and memory structure used, there may be a development header soldered to the board and the initial firmware load can be applied through it via purpose-built programming fixtures.

    Worst case: The flash ROM containing firmware is soldered to the controller board after being programmed in a factory fixture, and the ONLY way to restore a corrupted part is to de-solder it then solder in a good part.

    It's all about cost. You can make it easy to service, or affordable. Sometimes they're mutually exclusive.


    Very true... I remember having to unsolder a battery (when they were soldered to the motherboard) to reset the CMOS.
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    'Either run the radio from a fully charged battery, or connect the PS to the AC mains via a UPS. Otherwise it's like playing Russian Roulette.[/QUOTE]'

    Согласно недавнему опросу, пять из шести человек, игравших в русскую рулетку, сказали, что им это очень понравилось! :rolleyes:
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    It looks like early firmware versions are still available.

    So you maybe could go back to the last version that worked, If their firmware installer will let you.

    I would guess that the radio has JTAG available on the board.
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    If the radio is truly "bricked," it well may not be POSSIBLE to reinstall a back-up with an earlier version of the firmware. (At least not for the consumer/end user.) Having to send a unit back to the factory MAY solve the problem but such a failure is often is considered "user error," and NOT covered by any warrantee.:( It DOES, however provide the manufacturer with additional income, and keep THEIR techs busy, and employed. For that reason ALONE, upgrades should be attempted ONLY when absolutely NECESSARY, not just "because." And use of a laptop with a fresh(ly charged) battery may be the best route, and would guard against a failed upgrade due to a power outage.
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