ICOM IC-705 Feature Walk-Through

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KI6NAZ, Sep 5, 2020.

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  1. K8HIT

    K8HIT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Still ignoring many features, functions, and pricing to fit your assertion.

    FT3DR is a kludge of an HT. Lot's of negative posts about it.

    FT-891 $610
    FT3DR $360
    Kenwood D-74 $500
    Total $1470
  2. W5CJA

    W5CJA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    What features and functions would be absent from any combo of those three radios besides SSB/AM VHF/UHF at 10 watts? 5 if on battery?
  3. K8HIT

    K8HIT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    All of us have the capability to read up on what these units can and cannot do.

    Take a look here for some ideas
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2020
  4. K8HIT

    K8HIT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Really, with the same features and function?
  5. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Never unless you include 6m in VHF (technically it is, but most folks are talking about 2m when they say "VHF"). I did say I could live without that feature (on 2m and 70cm).

    I do use SSB and AM with 6m, but not often enough to pay extra for it.

  6. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Cheaper yes, but not sure about far less weight. It's $1200 and 2.4lbs with battery pack. "Cheaper" rules out the Elecraft radios, which are lighter. Lighter rules out the Xeigu G90 (It's reported by actual owners as weighing in at about 3lbs). The Xiegu 5150 may be lighter, it certainly is on paper. I haven't weighed my 817, but it's about 2lbs on paper.

    Of those three (5 including Elecraft's KX2/3), only the 817 comes close to the 705 functionally (band and mode support), while being lighter and cheaper. However, it leaves out features some, maybe not all, find useful.

    It's not for me, but I can see the 705 being valuable to someone who wants to do "all the things" while in the field. I don't know why you're all worked up over this though, if you don't think it's for you, don't buy one. :)

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  7. W5CJA

    W5CJA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Worked up? I'd hardly call friendly banter about the pros and cons of a radio "worked up." Just different sides of a coin.

    I'll make sure to be the friendly shill on the next thread.
  8. KM6CS

    KM6CS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think it's worst feature is that it is unavailable!
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  9. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    That wasn't my intent, you just seemed invested in the idea that the 705 was bad in some way and your preferred combination of the 891 and an HT was superior (without qualifying the requirements or expected user outcome). From my vantage point of not being in the market for one, it seems a pretty solid choice for someone looking for a do *everything* field rig.

    I suppose neither of us will know until a few hundred of these start appearing in the wild.

  10. KC3MIO

    KC3MIO XML Subscriber QRZ Page


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