Icom IC-2820H vs Yaesu FTM-350R

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KB1EMT, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. KC8AHN

    KC8AHN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just last week I was in the market for an HT and had the tough choice, the VX8DR or the Icom D-star one. Went through the same thought process you are going through. I went with the Yaesu because of the lack of D-Star systems in my area. I have to drive 40 miles to use one, and that seemed to be a bit much for me. If you are not going to be able to access one, you might as well not spend the money on it. As for your antenna restricted area, you may want to check one of these for 2/440 http://www.2wayelectronix.com/ I do not have one but they come highly reccomended to me.
  2. KB1EMT

    KB1EMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am still thinking about it, but am leaning towards an APRS capable radio (the 350R) and away from the d-star for the same reason as you. Why spend the money on something that I will hopefully be able to use in the future... but no clue if or when. There are no repeaters on Long Island (where I live) or in range of my normal travels currently. The dstar aspect is still very interesting to me, pretty much the reason I still think about it though.

    Also, thanks for the link to the antenna! I'll check out what people are saying, but for $25 its worth a try!

    Thanks again everyone!
  3. KB9NHA

    KB9NHA Ham Member QRZ Page

    D-STAR has lots of potential if you don't consider the cost of setting it up. But I believed EchoLink is still the best among amateur radio VoIP applications coz it's easy to set up & widely distributed.

    I lived in the U.S. but did most of my QSO's with fellow hams from my home country in Asia as well as on other parts of the states on 2 m & 70 cm. I can't do that with Icom's D-STAR nor Yaesu's WIRES-II. There's only about 5 WIRES-II users I found originating from my home country & none of them are currently active. As for D-STAR, there's none. The closest D-STAR repeater from my home counrty is in Australia.

    With EchoLink, it's a different story. It's all over the globe. Setting up an EchoLink repeater station is very easy. You don't even need to have a dual band radio to do it. I actually just finished setting up an EchoLink station using a SignaLink USB linkboard connected to my PC & Icom IC-2820H. A fellow ham actually sent me an Echolink linkboard that he built by himself using parts he got at Radioshack. It probably cost him as little as $20.00.

    It's all about the cost, ease of use & wide distribution. I can't say much about how good D-STAR for now, not unless I can try using the DV Access Point. With the access point, you'll now be free from having to use D-STAR via D-STAR repeater gateway. This sounds promising but it's early to say that D-STAR is the future.

    For now, the way I look at it, EchoLinks seems to be the past, the present & the future. Kenwwood even pushing it hard for EchoLink to be a part of their next release of ham radios for 2010, not to mentioned 2 of their current radios can operate via EchoLink out of the box without added linkboard.

    KC2DHH, you should consider buying a Kenwood radio if you're into APRS coz Kenwood is big on APRS. Buying this top of the line Icom or Yaesu dual band radio mainly for DPRS &/or APRS will cost you a lot when you can buy a cheaper radio that does the same thing.
  4. KB9NHA

    KB9NHA Ham Member QRZ Page

    You're right N0AZZ, there's should be no problem hitting a D-STAR repeater with maximum output power of 50 watts even at 100 miles or so. I was able to make contact with a fellow ham 20 miles away using just 5 watts of output power to radio attached to a rooftop antenna (Diamond X200A with 6.0 dB gain on 2 m). Even with a mobile antenna, you'll be able to hit a distant D-STAR repeater with that maximum power output.
  5. G0DOQ

    G0DOQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I own a 2725, I live about 3 miles from a pager mast and the breakthrough all over the 2 metre band makes it unuseable a lot of the time. I spoke to icom UK and I was told the 2820 would be the same.
    I also have a 8900 and that has no pager interference at all.
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