Icom 9700 satellite memory file

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by KG4AKV, Oct 5, 2021.

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  1. KG4AKV

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    I just programmed sat memories on my 9700. I based the settings off a CSV file KJ7DZ posted on the
    AMSAT-DL forum, including some corrections. My file includes a couple sats not relevant to me like IO-86 and LO-87, but they may be useful to others. I haven't tested this yet so there may be mistakes.

    I'm uploading it here with file extension of txt as QRZ allows that, but not csv. To import it into the Icom CS-9700 software you will probably have to change it to .csv


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  2. IK0ZSN

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    This is awesome. I will try it later, thanks.
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  3. IK0ZSN

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    The import doesn't work.


    I'm running firmware 1.31 and the windows software is also 1.31

    I tried removing the csv header but it didn't work.

    Anyone has any idea what i'm doing wrong?

  4. IK0ZSN

    IK0ZSN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Oh, I didn't read that you didn't verify importing it. Okay, I'll check the file format then and see if I can fix it.
  5. IK0ZSN

    IK0ZSN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ok, I think the Icom software uses the operating system's localization settings to format the file, which is not very clever for portability.

    Your file looks like this:

    CH No,Name,Frequency,Dup,Offset,Mode,DATA,Filter,TONE,Repeater Tone,TSQL Frequency,DTCS Code,DTCS Polarity,DV SQL,DV CSQL Code,Your Call Sign,RPT1 Call Sign,RPT2 Call Sign
    00,AO-7 Mode B,145.950000,OFF,0.000000,USB,OFF,1,OFF,88.5Hz,88.5Hz,023,BOTH N,OFF,0,CQCQCQ,,
    01,AO-7 Mode B,432.150000,OFF,0.000000,LSB,OFF,1,OFF,88.5Hz,88.5Hz,023,BOTH N,OFF,0,CQCQCQ,,
    02,AO-7 CW BEACON,145.975000,OFF,0.000000,CW,OFF,2,OFF,88.5Hz,88.5Hz,023,BOTH N,OFF,0,CQCQCQ,,
    03,AO-7 CW BEACON,449.000000,OFF,0.000000,CW,OFF,1,OFF,88.5Hz,88.5Hz,023,BOTH N,OFF,0,CQCQCQ,,

    If I program a memory in my software, then export it, my file looks like this:

    CH No;Name;Frequency;Dup;Offset;Mode;DATA;Filter;TONE;Repeater Tone;TSQL Frequency;DTCS Code;DTCS Polarity;DV SQL;DV CSQL Code;Your Call Sign;RPT1 Call Sign;RPT2 Call Sign
    00;AO-7 CW Beacon;145,975000;OFF;0,000000;CW;OFF;2;OFF;88,5Hz;88,5Hz;023;BOTH N;OFF;0;CQCQCQ;;
    01;AO-7 CW Beacon;439,000000;OFF;0,000000;CW;OFF;1;OFF;88,5Hz;88,5Hz;023;BOTH N;OFF;0;CQCQCQ;;

    I tried replacing commas with ; then dots with commas in your file but it doesn't work either and I can't understand why :/
  6. IK0ZSN

    IK0ZSN XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't know what's changed from what I was doing previously but this version worked for me.

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  7. IK0ZSN

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  8. KG4AKV

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    Glad you were able to get the file to work.

    I too had some problems importing KJ7DZ's file at first. I originally opened it in LibreOffice and I don't think I saved it from there but it wouldn't import. When I redownloaded his file and imported it without opening it up with any other program first, it worked. I did also have luck importing an icf file I found with sat freqs in it, but it didn't have as many as KJ7DZ's.
  9. KG4AKV

    KG4AKV XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Maybe the icf file is more portable. Of course it will overwrite ALL settings, but you could open it and then export just the sat freqs and then read your radio and then import the csv file created on your system.

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  10. AD0HT

    AD0HT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thx for posting this data file.

    In order for this to work you MUST be running the same versions of CS 9700 and IC 9700 software/firmware.

    Currently (10.5.21) the IC 9700 Firmware is 1.31 and CS 9700 is also 1.31. Once these are comparable, all works as is should, if different the CS-9700 software will not recognize the files created by the IC 9700 firmware.

    While I had been keeping the radio current, I had neglected the CS-9700 updates (as I rarely utilize this software) and there were problems as described in previous posts.
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