Icom 7300 IF output adaptor, finally

Discussion in 'Software Defined Radio (SDR)' started by VE7BPB, Apr 29, 2019.

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  1. WA7F

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    Send them an email, Frank. I would love to hear their explanation. My guess is that it was a typo that went overlooked. The folks that write the web pages are often not the developers of the actual product. They are a third party hired to develop a web page that gets attention.

    I’m actually considering buying a PTRX-7300. Just missed a used one the other day. A second RX RF-out port would be a good mod for the 7300 and I don’t trust the cheap hack-taps that are out there. Really don’t want to loose the tuner connection either. I think this is a clean solution.
  2. W7ESR

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    Any update or complete reviews on this yet!?
  3. NM5K

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    I can offer a quick mini review of the PTRX-7300. I purchased one for my IC-7300 and installed it about 2 weeks ago. This replaced a T/R switch set-up and drastically simplified the cabling behind my transceiver
    While I like the bandscope on the 7300, I like to run a full screen panadapter display on my large computer monitor and click around using my computer mouse to select frequencies where I see activity.
    I use a RSP1A for my SDR, using SDRUno software.

    Install: Super easy, the hardest part is removing all the screws from the 7300 cover. Instructions are good. No soldering or permanent modifications, this can be reversed without a trace that this was ever installed. You have two options to where you are picking off the RF signals, before the input filters or after. I prefer to not be limited by the filters so I used the before input filters option. The board installs in the opening where the tuner connector is. You remove the tuner connector and install a small cable from where the tuner was connected. The PTRX-7300 board receives its power from this tuner connection. It provides a feedthrough connection for your tuner cable you removed to be installed on the outside of the PTRX-7300 so you do not loose the remote tuner capability. I use an external MFJ 929 autotuner and it works with the 7300 exactly as before. Total install took about 10 mins (8 mins to remove/replace the screws).
    Operation: No change to IC-7300 operation. It doesn't even know its there, no change to incoming signal levels or sound quality. Since I used the RF pick off point before the 7300's input filters, I can see the whole band in use or other bands than what the 7300 is currently using. I occasionally will listen to FM music radio stations and can report that the PTRX-7300 will pass 88-108MHz signals to your SDR. I see no spurious signals or noise coming from the PTRX board on the 7300 or on my SDR. When transmitting up to 100W, I can see my signal but I am not saturating the SDR. The isolation is good enough I do not need to take additional steps to protect the SDR

    Very happy with this addition to my IC-7300. My only complaint is the price. Its pretty pricey, but very well engineered.

    Easy to install, no soldering or damaging connectors or cables
    Completely reversible if you change your mind
    Can select full RF or input filtered RF
    No signal loss (no 3db loss that a T/R switch
    Transmit isolation prevents overload on SDR (at least on mine)

    The IC-7300 does have to be turned on to use the PTRX-7300 output to your SDR. The PTRX-7300 gets its power from the 7300.

    Steve - NM5K
  4. W7ESR

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    Awesome! Thank you. Best insight yet which is not a paid for ad ;)


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