Icom - 7000

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by K4KGB, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. W2TXB

    W2TXB Ham Member QRZ Page

    The ICOM IC-7000 Bunny...

    Exactly. I have seen some (in pictures and "live") such mobile installations that allow little or no ventilation that literally beg to be fried. Granted, the lack of space is a concern in many of today's vehicles, but that is not a valid excuse for mounting a radio's RF deck very confined areas. Many radios, when idling, maintain a temperature of ~100 F; when transmitting, that rises considerably, but the heat dissipates well if there is adequate air flow around the unit and the ambient temperature is reasonable.

    Back to the IC-7000, I am still using the one i bought a few years ago, and have had neither issues nor problems with it. The '7000 is one of a few radios out there that, when properly installed and operated, falls into the "Energizer Bunny" category... it just keeps going, and going...

    Another option for the IC-7000 is the rear panel jack for video output; hook up a (for example) 7" color display and you have a really large and readable display.

    As another member posted earlier, my IC-7000 is my favorite radio next to the Flex (which I sold to make way for a new Flex). I had considered also selling the ICOM last year, but am glad I did not do so.
  2. N6OIL

    N6OIL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I would like to ask how many of you did the mic mod? Also just make sure I keep this thread on track my 7000 is mounted near the roof line near the back door in my Transit Connect with the factory mobile mount.
  3. W2TXB

    W2TXB Ham Member QRZ Page

    That sort of mounting should work as long as there is adequate air flow around the radio.

    The Bob Nagy mic mod is worth the money.
  4. KB7CM

    KB7CM Ham Member QRZ Page

    English aqui !!!!!:mad:
  5. WD5GWY

    WD5GWY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mine has not had the mic mode and I have had no issues with it. No reports
    of problems with audio at all.
  6. WH2HAO

    WH2HAO QRZ Moderator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I hate my 7000, worst radio I ever owned. I have been trying to sell it for a year, I just hate it.
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