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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by Guest, Jul 19, 2002.

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    I have been thinking about upgrading to the 756 pro2. I currently have a 746. (worked great til it cooked.)
    I did post and ad on QRZ to sell but didnt get the offers I thought I would.
    About the 756.... I did read/hear that it does not put out the full 100 watts. I heard It only does about 60 watts or so out of the box?? Does anyone have any thoughts on the 756 pro2? I have also been looking at the MARK 5. Not sure I like LED'S (major complaint with me) I have always used Icoms and never had any probs. I do like some of the options with the 756 I guess, like the bandscope. (too used to the 746 I guess). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    About the 746... I did post a question on this forum about the probs I was having. (and emailed Icom a few times). Everyone thought it was probably RF probs. (screen blanking, couldnt tx/tune at higher power, etc....) This isnt really a comlaint. I cant say the suggestions I got were bad but, they were bad for me. My rig ended up cooked a few weeks later. I started getting reports of squeeling one night. Mic gain didnt matter. Just more squlel with more power. Im guessing it was the PS. I did hit the "tune" button after and the ps died. Also the lights are fried and I did smell that lovely "toasted electronics" smell. Lucky me. As I said, It wasnt necessarily bad advice but, bad for me. I was hoping for more then one idea to check on.
    Anyways, Any thoughts you can give me on the 756 pro2 (and power probs) would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
    Thanks In Advance
    Mike - N1VHY
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