IC705 Demo Models arriving at Amateur outlets in Japan

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by ZS1SBW, May 19, 2020.

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  1. N0YG

    N0YG Ham Member QRZ Page

    after trying to re-watching the video I still have to say " What did he say " lol The video sounds like when I read the "english version " I don't understand it either. lol
  2. N0YG

    N0YG Ham Member QRZ Page

    N5JXO is correct in how to change this over to english. Though not very good translation it is better than nothing but the conversion does work. Thanks Roy.
  3. G1ZRN

    G1ZRN Ham Member QRZ Page

    At £1300 I'll give it a miss.

    Don't get me wrong I like Icom gear, my shack is full of their radios but £1300 for a QRP radio is just too much, especially when the IC-7300 is £100 less and 100W. For out in the field I'll stick with my FT817 for now.

    But I would consider paying £1300 for a modern IC-7000 with DSTAR & USB Audio built in, until then for semi-portable (I mean staying at an alternative QTH not out in the field, when we can) I'm considering a FT-891.

    Cherrs all,
    Mike G1ZRN
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  4. KF6FRR

    KF6FRR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Maybe my computer skills, but auto translate to english wasn't an option other languages yes english no
  5. KG6TR

    KG6TR Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is going up against KX2/KX3 so pricing is “competitive” in that respect. Comparing to G90, less so. But if you want a major player, you pay major money...
  6. AJ6KZ

    AJ6KZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sort of. I think that the IC-705 and the KX line are in almost completely separate categories. For people doing SOTA or backpacking this will probably never replace something like a KX2 or even an MTR. If you're into digital modes the IC-705 will be more attractive.
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  7. KD5LZ

    KD5LZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Going to Akihabara was one of my bucket list items. It was amazing!
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  8. K7JOE

    K7JOE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lived in Tokyo for about 3 years and radio active in the early 1990's. spent many weekends cruising around akihabara - back before the internet was full of video.... I used to report my sightings on rec.radio.equipment news group when we would spot a new item from the ham dealers -- eg. Icom 706, Icom IC-775DSP, etc. Back then -- no videos, not much other than a glimmer of info here or there and waiting for type acceptance in the usa. The ham shops: t-zone, J-one, musen denki, ...they knew me in all the ham shops. great stuff. hamming in JA was one of the most fun times in the hobby that I've ever had.

    Joe K7JoE ex. 7J1AOF
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  9. N0KEW

    N0KEW Ham Member QRZ Page


    I recently bought a kx3 but man I want that Icom so much more.
    Last edited: May 20, 2020
  10. N0KEW

    N0KEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Went to akihabara last year. The place is amazing. Just amazing.

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