IC-7600 and RS-BA1

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by W4KV, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. W4KV

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    I just got the software and installed it on my Win 10 shack computer. The drivers work, since the device manager "sees" the xcvr. The radio has been assign the COM4 port.
    However, when I start the remote utility program, no radios appear on the radio selection tab.
    When I start the remote control program, I immediately get the error message, "Cannot open COM port." It does not specify which COM port it tried to open.

    Any suggestions? I would hate to have to read the manual.
  2. W4KV

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    OK--I read a few pages of the manual, and I added the utility and control programs to the firewall exceptions.
    Then, in the utility I added the IC-7600 with a COM5 assignment, after I reassigned it in the computer device manager. Voila'--the audio signals are evident on the utility screen.
    But, still no joy with the control program. It still gives me the same message. Argh.
    Maybe reading the manual a bit further? Oh, the horror!
  3. KF2M

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  4. W4KV

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    I'm after it tomorrow.

    Love your signature line! .... .. .... ..
  5. W4KV

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    Finally! Unfortunately, KF2M, the link above wasn't much help, but you spurred me to plod through the manual. Just as it seemed that the manual addressed everything BUT connecting my IC-7600, I got to Section 5 and finally got things to work. I was surprised that I had to 1-disconnect the xcvr, and 2-connect the control program in order to get a selection for radios that was not grayed-out. After reconnecting the xcvr, wow!, there it is.
    I'm not sure that I would have figured out the instructions in the manual had I not gone through all the other material and become desperate.

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