IC-756 ProIII vs Ten-Tec

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by WD6S, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. K3EY

    K3EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I had them all (several times over) including the K2/100. Ten Tec is run by egotistic maniacs that I swear are twisted. Maybe the TN water? I agree on the K3 comment. Elecraft has unbelievable receivers no doubt.

    I have a PROIII sitting here that will never go anywhere and the FT2000 Light__ the FT950, very nice radio at a VERY good price that does everything and does it well. No perfect radio but that’s the two I have sitting here after tons of high-end radios coming thru here.

  2. ae5eh

    ae5eh Guest

    K3EY Rating: 0/5 Jan 12, 2008 13:50 Send this review to a friend
    Dud. A nice Looking Dud Time owned: 3 to 6 months

    I had two of these radios both times thinking maybe I didn’t understand something especially considering all the accolades it receives, which are woefully twisted. This radio looks good and there it ends. The way it was designed to initiate the many functions is nothing short of awful.

    The logic that went into the design of this radio, well there’s none. Initiation of it’s functions is extremely frustrating and when you do get them operating their real life performance is at best, dismal.

    I never owned the FT2000 but clearly understand people hating it because the 950 is the same really, some say even better! I really can not understand how anyone could like such a poorly designed piece of equipment that is a nightmare to operate with performance that matches that fact.

    Yaesu should back go to the drawing board and stop proclaiming contest rig with all the other wonderful attributes they have in print. They should be sued for false advertisement and anyone who is sane should avoid this dud like the plague.

    Did I hurt some feelings out there, sorry but truth hurts sometimes.
  3. WR8D

    WR8D Ham Member QRZ Page


    Well i can't compair the proIII to the tentecs but i honestly can't say anything bad at all about Tentec as i do have a Jupiter which i also do love.

    My comparison is based simply on receivers. Bar none the 775dsp with all optional filters set the standard for a low noise floor years ago...to this day!

    I bought a 775dsp with every option in 98 and it's taken ten years for a receiver to come along that impressed me and that's in the proIII not a pro or a proI or proII just the proIII. The proIII and the 775dsp are just to close to call. I love the display the general feel of the proIII too and don't find the menu at all aggravating.

    One must sit them all side by side at the same time on the same coax to form an honest opinion. I make them all sound alike on tx from my drakes and collins rigs, the kenwoods etc but it's a low noise floor and great xceiver features that i put my buck into. Some will change high end rigs like most of us change our socks. You honestly can't sell one and buy another and hook it up and then swear that it's got the best receiver in it you ever heard without doing a side by side in real time comparison. hi hi...but most of you just sell one then buy another and swear until the cows come home that this one or that one is the best.

    From others i gather as far as a receiver goes there's really not all that differance in what the proIII has verses their 12k rig...but there again if a man throws 12grand at a rig he's sure gonna swear it beats all others. "hi hi".

    You just got to go with your budget and get the best bang for "your" buck. I honestly can say from my hands on with icoms flag ships you'll never go wrong buying a proIII. Well worth the money and the xceive and dsp are a dream.

    Good Luck....John WR8D;)
  4. N3TU

    N3TU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Tentec Posts On Eham

    I'm confused about this whole deal about Tentec. I am sure there are a lot of happy Icom Pro 3 owners on this board vs. the Tentec reviews but why is it when you go over to eham.com that all the reviews are 5/5 on the Tentec Omni VII? I am looking for a decent radio under $4000 that has an excellent receive and is really easy to open up for MARS. Tentec says they will do the mod at the factory if you fax over the license. Over on that board one guy mentions that he sent Icom/Yaesu back for repair within two years because the finals went up. I am looking for a radio that holds up over time and easy to modify.
  5. N5AX

    N5AX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can't compare but....

    I have never used a Ten-Tec...
    Can't compare for U...
    I do have a Pro III- It is a great XCVR.
    73 Hil, N5AX
  6. KV9U

    KV9U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Many considerations for a rig ...

    I have had older Ten Tecs (Omni D Series C, Pegasus, Argonaut V). Even though none of these rigs are all that great in terms of close in IMD performance they did OK at the time. I consider Ten Tec equipment to be overpriced in many cases and there is more of a cult following which I don't care for, however, service is often better than any of the Japanese companies, even on very old rigs.

    My current rig is the ICOM 756 Pro 2 and is the most satisfactory rig that I have had over the years because of other features, e.g., smooth tuning, dual receivers on the same band, good enough built in tuner most of the time, TCXO standard at 0.5 ppm, and the big one ... very high quality built-in spectrum display. Once you have that, it is very hard to give it up. The Omni VII's "spectrum display" is not in the same league. On the other hand, the Omni VII has a higher performing receiver, especially where it counts the most with close in IMD DR.

    The Pro 3 has some additional advantages over the Pro 2 with re-engineered front end to work adequately on 60 meters and has fairly good QSK, plus some minor tweaks with the "mini" display when using certain other functions.

    Contrary to some claims, the Pro 3 and Pro 2 have about the same receiver performance in terms of BDR and IMD, whether far out or close in. While it is not at the level of high end contesting and DXing, it is quite adequate for casual use.

    The big three top rigs from receive performance, are now are all U.S. made: Elecraft K3 clearly the highest receive performance. Also, the Flex 5000, and the Ten Tec Orion II. There is more to it than just the receiver numbers, but they do count:


    The ICOM Pro Series does not have the AGC transient problem that Rob Sherwood has found with DSP rigs such as the ICOM 7000. I don't know if there is any such problem with the high end rigs, particularly the Flex which is heavily dependent upon DSP.


    So there are a number of considerations. If you really wanted to get into major DXing or contesting, then the Omni VII would likely give you an edge over the Pro series, especially on CW.
  7. ae5eh

    ae5eh Guest

    Date Posted by Category

    Feb 21, 2008


    HF Radios

    As New PROIII with a very late S/N of 3205307. I can provide the invoice from HRO via email dated Dec 20th 2007. Things and issues occurred prompting this sale--- nothing amiss whatsoever. I love the radio--- it’s new in everyway but life gets in the way sometimes. I will go into detail with the seriously interested buyer---- listing a radio via this venue is not the place. I am out a lot therefore emails or phones will probably be delayed, and especially emails, but I will absolutely respond when I get home late in the day. This radio’s S/N shows it’s one of the latest made. I never programmed memories into it because it was used so infrequently. Still has plastic on front screen. The box manual and paper work show as new with unwrapped accessories it comes with. It’s virtually a new radio. On the rare occasions I do operate I use a Ten Tec QRP radio while the Icom sits. Also includes a home made cover and a new never used Nifty Manual. I will ship it via FedEx ground insured in the 48 for $2295. I will accept paypal ONLY if buyer is willing to add the fees and is verified and confirmed otherwise a check or money order or cash on pick-up will work. You are more than welcome to come pick it up and if you do I will deduct $50. I can not meet anyone due to my situation and time constraints. Also a pick-up requires arrangements first.
    Phone: 412-860-9250 Email: k3ey@yahoo.com Email this to a friend!
  8. N0ZNA

    N0ZNA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ya right...

    I made the mistake of selling my TenTec,and bought a high end radio.I bought my TenTec back because the chickenbanders in my area where eating me alive.I will never own another Icom,they dont hold up.Had two hts,two to many.They both quit transmitting.I have had three diffrent TenTecs,and will never sell my Corsair2.There isnt another radio that will out rec it...I hear stations that my frends dont. 73s de N0ZNA/JW
  9. K3WRV

    K3WRV Guest

    I'm going to agree with ZNA. yaecomwood is a bit like Mincro$pftz. You've got a WHAT? Well, we nolonger supprot that! But that may change, with surface mount parts and all that good stuff. In my view, it all depends on how long you wqant to keep your rigs - 20 years, go TT, a couple of years? try "Brand J". These days, support is everything when something breaks. I use a TT Corsair, like ZNA, and when I called TT, they told me not to bother upgrading to an Orion class rig. Where else will you hear "You've got a darned good rig. We'd like to sell you a newer model, but fer what you're doing, it probably won't make much difference. But for $4KB, I'd go look at used Collins stuff - still works like new and I can fix it. YMMV.

    I'm not fanatic about this, just experienced.

    de Bob
  10. W5ZZ

    W5ZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Icom pro3 great rig for ssb, but in the real big cw pileup it`s worthless p.o.j.
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