IC-735 es the D-104 W/pre-amp

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W0TDH, Feb 13, 2002.

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    This is the first I've heard of using a D104 on ICOM rigs. Great!

    I use one on a TS-830 as it's a high Z audio input to match. The 830 processor is great and well matched to the D104 Hi-Z output. I get great audio reports also. One was I had "VOA Audio." I asked what that meant and he said "I had Voice of America Audio-loud and clear."

    My best report went like this on 10M. This JA starts out and says you have really big signal, you have really big signal, you rattle my windows, you rattle my windows, you right in shack, you right in shack, I could shake your hand, I could shake your hand , he went on and on and was all shook up. Then there was an interruption. His wife was talking to him. My audio was rattling something in the other room that affected her TV and she told him he had TVI. It was when I was transmitting-not him. He said to her "that's k7gco with the TV--not me." I'd given anything to have had that recorded.

    When you hear a signal that gives you RF burns off the RF gain control and audio burns off the audio gain control, that's a D104 into a TS-830. Long live the D-104. They have made an aniversory model now. I'd like to get one.

    I'd like to also get a JT-30. That'a a great mike also. Anybody know where to get one? Also a EV 650 mike. I want one of those also.

    I used to give talks a Dayton on Better Audio. My Audio hand out is 65 pages long now.

    I just noticed something on the TS 830. Norrmally the compression level kicks up to about 20 db and the ALC about 10 dB. I noticed the day before the ALC meter wasn't moving yet still seemed to be working OK. I heard someone say that the tuning had something to do with it. I checked it carefully, the drive was peaked and the loading was set for max output as I always do driving the linear. Has anyone had this problem before? There is a tech at Kenwood that is intimate with the TS-830 and I will have to check with him. The TS-830 was recently modified for more power cut. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

    The ICOM 761 with Heil mike and the line amplifier give great audio. The Heil doesn't have enough output for the ICOMs. k7gco
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