IC-7100 control head mounting ideas 2013 Impala

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by K1LH, Mar 8, 2020.

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  1. K1LH

    K1LH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm looking at getting an IC-7100 for mobile use.

    Interested in suggestions or what others have done by way of mounting the control head, and what hardware / parts were used. I'll be installing this into a 2013 Chevy Impala.


    - Lonney
  2. K1LH

    K1LH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I might add, if anyone knows the best way to run power cabling through the firewall in these cars I'd like to know. I got reading K0BG's site which is a treasure trove of information and realized I should do this properly :)
  3. K6CPO

    K6CPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here's a starting point: https://www.proclipusa.com/vehicle/dashboard-mounts/chevrolet-impala/2013

    This is what I did to mount the control head for an FTM-400XDR in my 1998 Dodge Dakota. I added a mount from Lido that allows me to easily remove the control head to keep it out of sight when the vehicle is parked.
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  4. K1LH

    K1LH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the info John, those look pretty good!

    - Lonney
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  5. KS1G

    KS1G Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've used ProClip mounts in 2 vehicles (was going to buy for a 3rd but I found an even better idea, at least for holding my phone I also use as a navigation computer). Whatever is attached to that mount WILL stay put.
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  6. K1LH

    K1LH Ham Member QRZ Page

    In-case anyone else is looking for how to get through the firewall in both the 2000-2005 and 2005-2013 model Impalas, they're both the same - I own both models of these cars! Under the dash in the passenger foot well there is a rectangle rubber plug that can be pulled out where a large wire loom comes through, this YT vid shows it:

  7. K1LH

    K1LH Ham Member QRZ Page

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