IC-2730 vs TM-V71A

Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by STDYIN, Feb 11, 2021.

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    STDYIN QRZ Member

    Ive been reading about these two radio's
    ive got a btech 25x4 I listen to and dont much like it the menu drives me nuts
    and as im going to be chair bound for some time and will have the time to STUDY
    for my license, I figure ill save up and or craiglist a few other radio's
    and get me one of the above radio's
    this will be for a shack, not my truck

    anybody with any Good/Bad/Ugly opinions on either ?
    ease of use?


    STDYIN QRZ Member

    to late to edit
    heres what I want to do, basically

    1- listen to the local town Plow guys
    2- local police,fire,emergency
    LISTEN is the key word, I have my btech transmitter key pinned so it can NOT be used
    3- listen to local repeaters

    be able to group the repeaters that i can talk on when I get my license in one group
    and have the Plow-town/police,fire rescue in another group and figure out a way to NOT axidently transmit
    and be able to scan both groups separately

  3. WB2LBV

    WB2LBV Ham Member QRZ Page

    They are both good radios. I have a 2730, don't really use the scan feature but it has a very nice panel and display with large easy-to-read characters and provides a full 50W out on both VHF and UHF.
    It is not possible to transmit on any non-ham frequencies on either radio (or any other ham transceiver) as long as they have not been modified. If you buy it brand new it will only be able to transmit on frequencies in the 144-148 and 430-450 ham bands. Attempting to transmit on any other frequency will return an error or just do nothing.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2021
  4. W9WQA

    W9WQA Ham Member QRZ Page

    im usually an icom guy but on impulse awhile back got the v71a and like it but cant compare so ?
    the 71a can be remote controlled with the right ht. my kw thd 74 d unfortunatly wont do it. could be fun.
    tried scanning and it wont stop !! gotta try reset...
    id look close at detail operating specs to see if there is any special feature missing on one.
    usually is...
  5. NE3R

    NE3R Ham Member QRZ Page

    You really want a scanner. It will really depend on where you are but in my area, all of those public services are on digital trunked systems that you wouldn't be able to receive with an amateur radio transceiver.

    That being said, the Kenwood TM-V71A is a great rig.

    STDYIN QRZ Member

    I get all of what i listed on my Btech 25x4 now and i dont believe it digitally trunked
  7. AF7IN

    AF7IN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Recently purchased the IC-2370A since Yaesu stopped making the FT-8900 (similar feature set excepting the 2 extra bands on the Yaesu).
    It's still in the box, where it will remain until we've finished the project it's going in. So can't tell you much.
    Why am I posting? To remind you to purchase any brackets you might need separately, because the IC-2730A literally comes with none of them. Not the bracket to mount the base, not the bracket to remotely locate the head, not even the hardware necessary to mount the head to the base. Any & all must be purchased separately. The upshot is that you can only buy what you need, and even if you buy everything they offer (bracket-wise), it's still less $ than the aforementioned & disco'd Yaesu. Lots of hurt feels over @ e-ham.net from guys who - rightfully - expected it to have at least a subset of such items in the box. Fortunately I learned from their pain before making the same mistake.
  8. WB2LBV

    WB2LBV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've had the Yaesu 8900 as well as a couple of 8800's. I've sold them but still have the 2730. The Yaesu's aren't bad radios but IMO the Icom has the upper hand as far as panel/display usability and readability, 50W on UHF vs. 35, features such as split tones which the Yaesu's can't do. The active cooling in the Icom is also superior- Yaesu has a fan moving air across an external heat sink while Icom pushes air through the radio across a much larger internal heat sink.
    Yes they do nickel-and-dime you for the accessories such as the panel mount, but if you don't want to spend the extra cash it's possible to get creative and come up with something that works with materials on hand.
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  9. AF7IN

    AF7IN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good info. I became so used to 35 on 440 I just assumed that's what the IC put out. Nice to know there's 15 more watts to play with! Always bummed me out to have the higher gain typical of many dual-band antennas on 70, only to be offset by lower max power. And better cooling is always good, particularly here. Do you actually get any use out of the split-tone feature?
  10. K4JDH

    K4JDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    To the OP: A couple of years ago I had surgery that left me chair bound too. I put my TM-V71 into what Kenwood calls "Locked Band Repeat". In this mode the radio listens on one band and transmits on the other. Listening on UHF and transmitting on VHF is the most common configuration. Then all you need is a UHF handheld and you can sit anywhere within sound of the 71's speaker. If your handheld has a key pad the 71 can be remotely controlled. Better on this if the radio has a "dialer" function.

    My TM-V71 sits across the room. I use an Alinco DJ500. I never use the Kenwood microphone.

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