i really need a new straight key...

Discussion in 'Straight Keys - CW Enthusiasts' started by WF4W, Jun 26, 2019.

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  1. WF4W

    WF4W Ham Member QRZ Page

    ok all, I have just recently gotten into using SK thanks to SKCC :)

    My problem is that I just cant find the right SK - I've got a new bencher and a couple old Nye Speed-X keys. I dont like keys mounted on wood or some other large base. I thought the bencher would be OK due to its heavy base but i find i'm a little too heavy handed for it so the base tilts.

    I need some ideas for something that looks good and feels good with heavy weight. . .

    here is my current setup - looking for a nice SK that matches my paddles - suggestions?

  2. W6MK

    W6MK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Judging from your paddle, you have plenty of "resources."

    That suggests you might be interested in one of the straight keys sold by Morse Express: GHD or Scheunemann for example.

    I need to point out that a critical design attribute of a straight key for stability is not the size or weight of the base.
    A relatively light straight key will be highly stable if the key's base extends all the way forward beyond the knob.

    The Bencher and Nye keys are not designed thus. Some GHD and Scheunemann keys are.

    The small (overall size) Scheuenemann straight key sold by Morse Express has a long lever
    and the proper design for stability. It's one of my favorite keys.
  3. W7UUU

    W7UUU Super Moderator Lifetime Member 133 Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    Japanese SATO straight keys as well - my favorite of my straight keys for exactly the reasons you mention. Light but totally stable

  4. WF4W

    WF4W Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks, i thought about the Scheunemann... but i also like vibroplex so curious how the Vibro SKs feel. Guess i could go to HRO and check one out...
  5. WB4BIN

    WB4BIN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have several straight keys that work well, but my favorite is my ZN-HK, by Tony Baleno, N3ZN. He does not make that model any longer, but he now has a newly designed straight key....the ZN-HKII.

    Tony is easy to work with (I have three of his keys), and if you shoot him an e-mail, he can tell you if there are any options available (colors, etc.) for that key.

  6. WF4W

    WF4W Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks for the tip. Those looks like they'd have a good feel - not sure about the aesthetics though. Look a little like begali blade SKs which I dont like.. i'm going to a modern look, not oldey tyme...
  7. WB4BIN

    WB4BIN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hmm....modern look. I guess most of mine are more traditional.

    Someone mentioned GHD, and that may be what you are looking for. I've never used one, but they are supposed to be wonderful keys. Lots of shiny chrome, too. Pricey, but everyone seems to love them.
  8. WR2E

    WR2E Ham Member QRZ Page

    Guess that rules out the TAC/McElroy "Stream Key" !

    No problem with 'tipping' that one forward due to the teardrop shape of the base, but it does look oldey tyme!
  9. W6MK

    W6MK Ham Member QRZ Page

    You must have good psychic qualities: you can tell how a key feels by looking at it. Reading minds is just possibly easier.

    Whether telegraph keys, which are not exactly 21st century, are "modern" is a very amusing notion.

    The Kent straight key is very stable and widely available.

    There are also any number of Swedish pump style keys available from custom makers. Also current
    versions of the Marconi 231 key.

    I guess shopping is the #2 favorite ham activity, or possibly it's #1.
  10. WF4W

    WF4W Ham Member QRZ Page

    yeah thse look nice! and you're right... pricey!

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