i need to talk with qrz editor PLS

Discussion in 'Community Help Center' started by IT9GL, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. IT9GL

    IT9GL Ham Member QRZ Page

    like title.. i wish to talk with the qrz editor or with a moderator ... contact me to trapani@cisar.it pls... because someone registered with a our call (IT9AC, of cisar trapani section) authorized by ministery of comunication N° 017194 of 23/09/2005 to Mr. Giuseppe Giambino(IT9HBO), C.I.S.A.R.'s president.
    he(the clandestin it9ac) is not in database but he is registered well i cannot register... take providements pls.. bye

    what's my english like??
  2. NF2C

    NF2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    IT9AC is NOT in our database........

    IT9HBO is in and belongs to Mr. Giambino...Is that OK??

    The call IT9GL is in, and is a special call....

    What call has a problem??? Or is Info wrong somewhere?[​IMG]

    73, Chris NF2C
  3. IT9GL

    IT9GL Ham Member QRZ Page

    the problem is this:

    i want to register another call(IT9AC) but say me that exist enother user with this name... a so i cannot register OUR call...

    is not problem of database ...

    ps. it9ac is a call rilasced by ministery with AUTHORIZATION to Giuseppe Giambino (cisar president)...


  4. NF2C

    NF2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    I believe you want IT9AC added but are being told Mr.Giambino has another call registered?
    If you want IT9AC added, post the details or send them to me, and I will try and put in what you want.....I was unable to fully read the message from QRZ as it came up too blurry......I say we try an put the call in as you like and we go from there...
    73, Chris NF2C
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