I need some good repeaters to plug in for Fla trips

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by W4MAS, Feb 10, 2020.

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  1. W4MAS

    W4MAS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'd like to get some good repeater s to plug into for my week end trips to Fla, I drive an 18 wheeler & Usually just listen to music as opposed to the cb. I want some good ideas for 2 meter ,440,& 1.25 from south of Atlanta to Orlando, Daytona Beach & Jacksonville areas . These are the normal cities I travel to. Thanks if anyone has any. W4MAS 73
  2. KB3WFV

    KB3WFV Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't have any specific repeaters to recommend but here is a link to a great online repeater directory that sorts the list by state and then city....


    Several years ago while staying in Daytona Fla, I recall listing to a repeater that seemed pretty active. Sorry I don't recall the frequency.

    I have found that placing my 2 meter rig in scan mode tends to find more activity than I expected. Scanning is helpful for finding active repeaters along your route. Depending the features for your rig, it might be able to scan a range of frequencies or only scan the programmed memory banks. Some rigs will even scan for active frequencies and store those frequencies in the memory banks. Don't forget to program in the national call frequencies.

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  3. N6PAS

    N6PAS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why aren't you using Repeater Book?
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