i found George W Bliss's name/call sign badge/silent key 8/16/2018

Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by N1MJS, Apr 17, 2020.

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  1. N1MJS

    N1MJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I found his name/call sign badge going threw a box of stuff that my friend tom ab1gf got from his estate mostly assorted cables and such and I thats when I found his badge I was going to put it out in the mail? and I called my friend tom only to find out he had passed away??? this is his obituary I found online of Athol ma news's paper . George W. Bliss III died Wednesday, August 16, 2018, in St. Vincent Hospital after a period of declining health.
    George was born September 27, 1950, in Hanover (Fort Dix), New Jersey, son of the late George W. and Martha (Bestle) Bliss, Jr., previously of Westminster, MA. An only child, George grew up in Germany and attended Ludwigsburg American High School. His family returned to the states when his father retired after 33 years in the U.S. Army. Living in several local area towns, George eventually moved to Athol and lived there for over 30 years.

    George enjoyed photography. He had a deep interest in electronics and computer installations and repair. George was a ham radio licensed operator, KB1FCB, and a past member of the Mohawk ARC, MARS – Military Amateur Radio Systems and NAAR – National Assoc. for Amateur Radio. He was quite a prankster; he loved decorating for Halloween and Christmas.
    George leaves three children, George and his wife Laurie of Palmer; Martin and his fiance Michelle of Brookline, N.H.; Christina of Gardner; his ex-wife, Theresa Dattolo of Gardner; one grandchild, Natasha Lynn and one great-grandson, Caleb. George had a very good friend, John Gawronsky of Athol, who shared an interest in ham radio. in closing I hope that QRZ will mark his page as a silent key? I did not know George? aside from both amatuer radio and both being a army mars members? I had to mention something?? but no one should be left behind as we say in the army or forgotten rest in eternal peace George 73's from Matt N1MJS
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  2. K2HAT

    K2HAT QRZ Volunteer Volunteer DX Helper QRZ Page

  3. N1MJS

    N1MJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks K2HAT I wasn't sure how to do n many thanks
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  4. K1LKP

    K1LKP Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page


    a animated Flag QRZ PAGE.gif
    =========== A candle_animation_1_.gif

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  5. N1MJS

    N1MJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    you are very welcome and I hope 1 day? i'm not forgotten? and that they'll include both my old original call of N1ZGN and current call sign and add all or most of my pics from my qrz page?
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  6. DJ0AJ

    DJ0AJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    N1ZGN respect fully george VY73 DJOAJ ekrem
  7. N1MJS

    N1MJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    1 was plenty tahnk you sincerely matt formerly n1zgn now n1mjs I still have his name/ call sign tag. if anyone a old friend?? and would like to have it?? I will hold on to it some may toss it in the trash? not me I am also a fellow army mars operator as he was I will have to look into that to find his mars call sign??
  8. N1MJS

    N1MJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    May he rest in eternal peace no one should be forgotten ever . I hope i'm not 1 day?? my old n good friend mark w1wkw wouldn't let that happen

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