I decided to start using my Kenwood TH-215A: Promlem

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KY8M, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. KY8M

    KY8M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well after all these years I decided to take the TH-215A 2 meter rig out of the closet. battery is newer so I have enough power.

    Problem with the radio is the squelch will not open, and audio is not as high as it should be. I can get the squelch to open when I press the "monitor" button, that opens the squelch as long as I hold it in.

    I do not have a schematic for this radio, only the users manual. I re-set the processor, that did not help.
    I was thinking I am not getting enough audio to open the squelch because audio seem low. Everything else looks to be working fine. Radio was working when I stored it in a dry cool environment.

    Again holding the monitor button in does open the squelch. Also when in band mode, I can press scan and will scan, stop when there is a signal and I can here a qso.

    73 Gary
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  2. W2JLD

    W2JLD Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is there a setting that has CTCSS squelch operation ? if so, disable it and see if Squelch opens normally.
  4. KY8M

    KY8M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks guys. I found the service manual, but was no help, can't trouble shoot with out a connecting cable Kenwood E31-3210-05 Connect Cable

    I opened up the radio, but the pc board plugs into the bottom of the radio directly, so thus the need for the cable. I did re-solder a few joints that looked cold on VR-3 & 4 but it did not help. I was able to throw a meter across the volume pot and it is working. Tone squelch is off. Might just chuck it in and get a new K-20 Getting to the point where it is not fun anymore, giving me a headache now. Maybe I'll look at it again in a week or so with fresh eyes.
  5. N8VIL

    N8VIL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have repaired a few handhelds with the problem you are describing. The surface mount electrolytics tend to go bad even when stored.
  6. KY8M

    KY8M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the info. Audio is fine as far as the key pad beeps, S meter is working so I am thinking some where in the IF stage? I did find the servive manual on line.
  7. KY8M

    KY8M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you. Replaced the C37 & 38 audio is fine now, but problem with squelch is now apparent. Could not detect it before, because of no audio.
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  8. W9VIV

    W9VIV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks very much for this information. I have a TH-215a with the same problem. Did you have to replace most of the electrolyitcs, or only these two capacitors, C37 & C38, which I see from the schematic are the DC blocking caps on the output of the audio amp.
  9. KY8M

    KY8M Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just C37 & C38 for the audio. These are really nice radios. Good luck & 73
  10. KA5IPF

    KA5IPF Ham Member QRZ Page

    The most common problem with the 215/315/415 series was the vol & sq pots were not supported and they would break where they were soldered to the PCB. They came out with a mod to support them and that fixed it. When I sold my stuff to Jahnke Electronics there were several of the mod kits in the pile. Might reach out to them.

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