I Am Not Making This Up

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N2EY, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. K1VSK

    K1VSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's hard to quantify "so many fights" as opposed to myths or repeating unfounded stories. That's what our news media fills their day with.

    I suspect there are more objectives sources of info than this obscure web site but it appears from my experience living in an HOA there are very few - only one in the 9 years we have lived here in a community of 22,000 homes. Statistically insignificant.

    And that 'fight' was self-inflicted by a wacko who thought he was above the law and is now in jail for assaulting a police officer.
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  2. W3MMM

    W3MMM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I dunno. I've got lots of ideas about a lot of things, but not this one.

    Every possible solution I can come up with has negative impacts, and I don't know enough about macro-economics to understand what's right or best.

    I suspect the low-hanging fruit has to be education. But then the question becomes - how to make that "better" and...again I have no idea that I can confidently back.
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  3. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nope, nope, nope. You misunderstood me.

    I’d pull in. Tell the attendant to fill the car up. The nozzle would automatically shut off at a certain point. I’d ask the attendant to continue to fill up the tank, they would either decline, saying that they were not allowed to continue, by law (is that true? Danger if I know, but that’s what they said); or they would just give me a blank stare. So my “full” tank would be between 3/4 and 7/8 of the tank.

    With a full tank being about 22 gallons, and a typical one way trip from SNJ to Pittsburgh being over 330 miles, the trip usually used about 3/4 of a tank. So this “gap” is not insignificant.

    Now, granted, I’m usually dealing with gas stations near an Interstate exchange; used to be I-95 before we put Mom in assisted living, now a NJ Turnpike exchange near I-287. So if you’re dealing with a more “neighborly” place and are a regular, they may treat you better.

    But the reality is, if I want a full tank before I got on the Pa Turnpike, or wherever, I had to stop and get a couple more gallons. Every time.

    Now, considering that PA has one of (if not THE) highest gas taxes per gallon in the country, the 40 to 50 cent per gallon difference for 3/4 of a tank was still a savings. It’s just a minor irritation to make a second stop.

    Incidentally, if you HAVE to stop on the Pa Turnpike for gas, the cheapest gas is at the service plazas right around Harrisburg. Somehow, that doesn’t seem surprising.
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  4. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't doubt that, at all.

    But an easy science experiment: Let grass grow in an open field until it's quite tall, then stop watering it. When it starts to brown, cut half of the field to 2" and the other half to 4".

    Set it all ablaze and watch what happens. We actually did this as a school science project, but the "field" was in a large glass aquarium in a big unused parking lot, and supervised by the teacher.

    We found the 2" tall stuff self-extinguished when it hit the soil, and that took only a minute or two. The 4" tall stuff eventually self-extinguished also, but took much longer, and if we added some "wind" (just a fan), it would blow embers outside the aquarium onto the parking lot, 50-100' away. That didn't happen with the 2" tall grass burning.

    So, our "scientific" conclusion based on one-case observation was: Short cut grass, especially when it's dry, isn't nearly as prone to spreading a fire as taller grass is.:p

    Here (locally) a lot of folks have given up "lawns" in favor of just using crushed stone and native vegetation including cactus which requires very little water to survive. Nicely done, they look beautiful. The "gubmint" (actually our Dept. of Water and Power, which is a publicly-owned utility, and the largest in the country) pays for anyone who wishes to do this: They pay the cost of "removing" your grass lawn and replacing it with stuff that won't burn. It costs homeowners "nothing" if they're willing to do this, and a lot of people have.
  5. K2LCK

    K2LCK Ham Member QRZ Page

    we always went to Jamaica Estates (NY) xmastime to look at the xmas lights.....come to find out it was a requirement (outside xmas lighting) at that develoment........keeps the jews out ,you see!!!
  6. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    That varies a lot by tank and filler designs and I'd say if the auto shutoff occurs when your tank is only 3/4 full, your tank is providing more backpressure than it should.

    I have a van with a 20-gallon tank and when I fill it, the auto shutoff occurs when the tank is actually full. I can force a little bit more fuel into it, but only less than 1/2 gallon before it starts pouring out the spout, which is not a good thing.

    My old motor home had a 50-gallon tank (Ford F450 V-10 based) which I filled too many times to recount, and it also would "auto shutoff" when it was really, really full. I could "force" maybe 1/2-gallon more into it before it would make a mess on the driveway.
  7. WZ7U

    WZ7U Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ron, instruct them to fill it on slow and the problem declines rapidly. Remember, I'm in the other scared of self serve state and that's how I get around it in the rigs I own.
  8. N5PZJ

    N5PZJ Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dealing with Luddites can be very amusing until they infest your neighborhood. HOA boards try and start the litigation project over some of the most trivial stuff here in Louisiana, having just been exposed to the amount of lawsuits HOA Boards can generate in Small Claims is amazing. Most are over technical violations of their rules and the object is to get a judgment on the property in the mortgage records!

    The HOA neighbor wants to extend his jurisdiction of his "PRIVATE" Non Profit Corporation Government to cover something else! All the more reason to support ARPA, the know nothings need legislation to stop or at least curtail their excursions into "Private Government".
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  9. W3WN

    W3WN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, I’ve done that the last few times. Has yet to work.

    There is no nice way to put this, but the last 5 - 6 years, the attendant... well, English might be a second language, or it might be a third one. So there may be a comprehension problem.

    Oh, and Steve? If that happened all the time, I would agree with you. But it’s happened with three different vehicles over the last few years, and only in NJ. Never in PA, WV, or OH. So given that the only common factor is the general location of where the fill-up is taking place...
  10. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wow, that's really interesting!

    They must have the pumps set to shut off with very little back pressure.

    Here, they usually shut off when the tank is really full.

    And we don't have any "gas station attendants," it's all self-serve. But at least the stations are open 24/7, I've never seen one "closed."
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