Hygain Penetrator 500 on 20 meters

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by KD0KQQ, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. KD0KQQ

    KD0KQQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wanted to know if any one has used a Penetrator 500 on 20 meters and how it worked or if they know of any qick mods i could do to this antenna for 20 meters i would probly have to bring it back down i have it 40 feet up and it will or seems to recieve every thing pretty well but i now have my general ticket and want to do a little psk on 20 meters it worked good on 12 meters. I will be getting my hf rig tomarrow i think it is a kenwood ts-440at any info would help thanks
  2. KJ4IIF

    KJ4IIF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Unless you want to rework that old antenna and make it a 1/4 wl on 20 meters you would get better results throwing up a dipole and using it for 20 meters.

    There is a matching coil at the base of that vertical that would need to be removed, direct feed the vertical part, isolate the ground radials and increase the length to a 1/4 wl for 20 meters, then you will have a 1/4 wl vert for 20 meters. Do not forget the balun at the fed point.

    Really not worth the effort unless you just want something to do. dipole will work better, or even yet put up a full wave loop for 20 meters and get a little bit of gain out of it over your 1/4 wl vertical.

    The best investment in any station is the antenna and the transmission line.
  3. KD0KQQ

    KD0KQQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    up date on this matter i just gave it a try on psk it works or seems to work very well i didnt mod any thing the antenna matcher matched it right up 1:1 got many 599 reports and ever talked to a giy in ARGENTINA LW6HAR with 30-40 watts
  4. N8WWM

    N8WWM Ham Member QRZ Page

    That may be so, but your antenna "matcher" is not matching anything. You are still losing a lot of power that would be radiated with a resonant antenna. But hey, go ahead on.

    Have fun for now, radios are cheap. "Matchers" are too.
  5. KD0KQQ

    KD0KQQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    i dont see it being that hard on it i'm not to woried its not as bad as alot of the other ppl out there using 102in wips on a pole that is what one giy was talking to me on then there is random wire antenna that are very hard on matchers most of the time swr with out matcher are reading about 3:1 the match is more than rated to handle that i shouldnt have any problems
  6. N5NPO

    N5NPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Does this Hygain Penetrator antenna have a hairpin inductive match made of aluminum wire near the base of the antenna going up just above the radials and then back down to the main radiator and then another one going from the base up to one of the radials?
    If so, i had one of those once. Fine antenna on 10 or 12 meters. I had to make adjustments of course. I never tried it on 20 though.
  7. KD0KQQ

    KD0KQQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    yes it dose work very well on 10m at 28.325 it at 1:1 i think it works ok on 20 i know its not great but it will work untill i get some thing ells up there
    thanks for all the info
    de KD0KQQ i need to switch my nick on here
  8. K8JD

    K8JD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Balun/baloney again

    That last line is where we went astray!!:eek:
    Where is the bal in balun?:mad:
    This is an UNbalanced antenna and an UNbalanced coaxial feedline !!!no BAL UN needed unless you had BALanced antenna and UNbalanced feeder connecting together !!!!!.
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