hydraulicly tuned marine antenna

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by KA5KON, Feb 19, 2019.

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  1. KA5KON

    KA5KON Ham Member QRZ Page

    Several years ago an old tug boat captian gave me one of these marine hf antennas. It worked great for me and used it for cw mobile . For a while i didn't have a mobile rig and i loaned it to a ham and as the saying goes he got out of the hobby and moved . never got it back and never heard from him again.
    I have no idea who made it as the tag on it was not legible. This antenna had a hydraulic cylinder moving the set point on the coil similar to the way a screwdriver antenna works. the fluid tank and cylinder were designed for glycol or brake fluid. The Question is :Has any one seen one or know of a similar antenna or even where i could find info to build another one . I truly loved the easy way it tuned any where in the hf bands.
    Contact me here on QRZ or at ka5kon@yahoo.com

    Thanks , Pete ka5kon:confused:
  2. KA5KON

    KA5KON Ham Member QRZ Page

    call is ka5kondidnt see the error in the call before i posted it lol
  3. WD5IKX

    WD5IKX Ham Member QRZ Page

    ANTEC-2.JPG I have one of those antennas. It was made by a company called Anteck and seems to be based on the Webster Bandspanner. These are very rare and there is virtually nothing on the web about them.

    John WD5IKX
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  4. N2PQW

    N2PQW Ham Member QRZ Page

    This looks like a really cool design. I have no previous knowledge or experience with this, but I did find this in the search. It was the "Anteck MT-1RT". Hopefully will lead you to more info, or even a replacement!


    David / N2PQW
  5. WD5IKX

    WD5IKX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I took some pictures of the MT1-RT. Pete if you are really wanting one I could be talked into selling mine.


    John WD5IKX
  6. KA5KON

    KA5KON Ham Member QRZ Page

    ok thanks Dave/n2pqw!!

    john wd5ikx can you call me plz @ 318-305-0107. I'm interested in it .

    Do you have the pump and tank also?
  7. KA5KON

    KA5KON Ham Member QRZ Page

    also the control box?
  8. WD5IKX

    WD5IKX Ham Member QRZ Page

    All I have is the antenna itself. I have never been able to find any info or pictures of the plumbing. I have manually tuned it and it loaded fine. I was going to see if I could find a pump and tank to make it work but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I will give you a call when I have a few minutes. Is there any time better for you?

    John WD5IKX
  9. KA5KON

    KA5KON Ham Member QRZ Page

    anytime after 2pm central is fine.
  10. WD5IKX

    WD5IKX Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK...I will give you a call tomorrow.


    John WD5IKX

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