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Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by N4HZ, Feb 4, 2020.

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  1. N4HZ

    N4HZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Everyone:

    Refurbishing a gifted Hw100 to join my Hw101 and Sb102. It's transmitting and receiving fine with just a few minor bumps to smooth out. My most perplexing issue is the dial drive. The radio has a defective tuning knob with the plastic reduction cup inside the knob damaged and lots of glue on the dial mounting plate where repairs have been attempted in the past. I don't have a manual and all manuals I find on line do not show the assembly drawings of how the VFO shaft to the dial plate and knob are assembled. This VFO shaft has a groove which looks as if a washer might have been used in the past. The shaft going into the VFO has a little play in it.

    Any ideas where I could find a drawing showing parts assembly of the VFO shaft/dial plate/knob assembly or other ideas. I'm beginning to think I'll need to find a junker and just replace the front panel/knob and VFO as a composite assembly? Don't think there is room to use a Jackson drive.

    Roger N4HZ
  2. WA2CWA

    WA2CWA Ham Member QRZ Page

    The complete assembly, operating, trouble shooting manual with all the foldouts is over 200 pages.
    I have it available.
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  3. N4HZ

    N4HZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Pete. Appreciate your reply. I checked into the Kentucky Phone Net tonight and found a nearby ham with HW100 and manual. He's going to let me see his manual so I can see how the VFO/shaft/tuning knob are configured. I still don't know what to do about the cracked little insert in the tuning knob. The Cave City, Ky hamfest is early March so I'll see what I find there. Meanwhile if anyone has found any type "upgrade" for Heath's original HW100 tuning mechanism I'd appreciate knowing.

  4. K7TRF

    K7TRF Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

  5. N4HZ

    N4HZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks David:
    I already ordered and have received the dial you mention. It's a perfect replacement for old yellowed and cracked dials and panel window. I recommend it for anyone needing a dial disc.

    My issue though is the tuning knob itself which contains a little grooved cup that accomplishes the turns ratio reduction to the VFO shaft. It serves the same function as a Jackson drive in a HW101. I think I may be missing some other hardware as visualized from the front of the VFO with the shaft going thru the dial plate then through the front panel and of course the defective tuning knob itself.
  6. W3RU

    W3RU Ham Member QRZ Page


    I went through this same aggravation awhile back. I reached the conclusion that the best course of action is to simply wait for a good used part to magically appear from a complete, derelict non-restorable beater/parts rig - probably $25-$50 at a hamfest - hopefully less. Just make certain the drive is complete and working properly before you negotiate for it or purchase it on ePay. The major benefit is that you would then have a complete set of other parts available, should the need arise.

    My experience involved a near-perfect condition restoration candidate I decided to work on, a description of which you can reference here:

    The HW-101 is easier to restore and source used parts, if needed. Personally, I concentrate on the "big brother" SB--101/102's. As you may realize, all the HW/SB transceivers are basically the same circuitry and use mostly common electrical parts and boards. My primary frustrations center around the truly unobtanium parts - such as the spline drives. The few. mostly unobtanium electrical parts can easily and economically be cannibalized from junk and beater boards from any of the rigs.

    Inspecting the spline drive damage in my HW-100, I believe my rig suffered from a frontal strike on the shaft without the knob installed in it's earlier life.

    Good luck with your project. It is very rewarding to bring these Heathkit transceivers back to life.

    Jack W3RU
  7. WA5VGO

    WA5VGO Ham Member QRZ Page

    There was someone selling replacement dials for the HW-100/101 on eBay a while back. He asserted that the Heathkit dials weren’t manufactured correctly because the scale wasn’t linear and that his dials were better because had corrected this mistake. Actually, he made the mistake. The tuning capacitor Heathkit used was non-linear and Heathkit compensated for this with the dial. His dial would cause tracking errors.

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  8. N2EY

    N2EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is excellent advice!

    Another approach is to get a basket-case HW-101 that has a decent front panel and VFO, and do a transplant, resulting in and HW-100.5. From what I recall, the HW-100 VFO was problematic and redesigned for the HW-101.

    73 de Jim, N2EY
  9. W5RKL

    W5RKL Ham Member QRZ Page

    N2EY said:

    Another approach is to get a basket-case HW-101 that has a decent front panel and VFO, and do a transplant, resulting in and HW-100.5. From what I recall, the HW-100 VFO was problematic and redesigned for the HW-101.

    While this may be appear to be a simple swap out of VFO and dial alone with the HW-101 front panel, there is one thing that may not
    be readily known that prevents mounting an HW-101 with dial attached to an HW-100 chassis.

    The chassis shown in the picture below is an HW-101 chassis. The Black Arrow is pointing to a cut out on the HW-101 chassis that is
    not present on the HW-100 chassis. The HW-101 VFO itself will mount on the HW-100 chassis but the HW-101 VFO with the dial attached
    will not. The HW-101 VFO dial mounts slightly more to the "right" on the VFO which is why the "cut out" is required. That cut out is
    not present on an HW-100 chassis. Therefore, to use an HW-101 VFO with the attached dial, the cut out will have to be made. Once the
    cut out is made and the HW-101 VFO is mounted in place of the HW-100 VFO, the HW-100 front panel VFO shaft opening will not align
    properly with the HW-101 VFO shaft. The Jackson Ball Drive mounts are not present on the HW-100 front panel like they are on the
    HW-101 front panel.

    Mike W5RKL Moderator Moderator

  10. N2EY

    N2EY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks Mike!

    I knew about the panel differences - that's why I said "HW-101 VFO and front panel". However the cutout for the dial is new to me.

    73 de jim, N2EY

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