Huston We Have A Problem! - SuitSat is Dead

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC0RSW, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sounds like he was a good man.

    Chip N1IR
  2. AB8MA

    AB8MA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yup. And he had Sons. Dick was Phi Beta Kappa at Michigan, later to become VP of engineering at Chrysler. John was an award recipient from NASA for his efforts developing Mariner 10 while at Boeing.

    And me. The only survivor. The youngster. Math degree. One time concert pianist (unpaid).
  3. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ah yes.

    A very good man.

    Chip N1IR
  4. AB8MA

    AB8MA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thank you.
  5. kc8kod

    kc8kod Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have kept up with all postings in this thread all the way through prior to any deletion and I stand my ground and do not retract my original statement. He has shown positivity lately, until the point where someone like you decides to relentlessly pick, and for what is your aim... to ask him to be more polite, or is there some other motivation?

    Is that your aim? To shoot holes through other's opinions to make yourself feel a bit better? Have you managed to actually prove any of his information wrong?

    I personally disagree. At least when he differs from another opinion he will respond without outright malice.

    It would be very easy to accuse anyone in his position of doing nothing than being at school simply because you do not know him that well. I do not know him very well either, so I'll safely assume that he has a life outside of being at school. You know what argument you intended on starting by that statement.
  6. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Obviously I am not the one to help you with this, having been out of school for 21 years.

    And no longer 'student-poor', nor 'ivory-towered' for some time.

    Believe me, my daily activities indicate a full immersion into other people's realities.

    Chip N1IR
  7. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    To begin with, if you want to quote someone, please do it accurately.  Your last quote re staying in school, etc. is NOT my statement, but from someone else.

    Now, if you wish, Chip has a lengthy history.  I needn't say more than to look back, especially through postings on threads regarding broadband over powerline.  But, frankly, I don't think you will spend the time doing so.

    I have asked Chip many questions in former dialogue, and yes, most were unanswered or done so flippantly.  And, as a recent example, his misstatement accusing me of a sarcastic criticism of another over the receipt of a prestigious award was left uncorrected.   And, deserving of an apology.

    So, as long as I am permitted the freedom to post, I will, when I observe what I think are pompous, self-serving remarks by anyone, respond or participate.  And, especially, with respect to threats.  Yes, if such verbage can be countered, it should be.  If not by me, by someone else.  If you think me an idiot or troll, then so be it.  You have a right to your opinion as I do mine.

    Now, are you infering that I respond with 'outright malice', and Chip doesn't?  Wow.  That's pretty heavy.  I certainly don't think I deserve that from what I've said here.  And, again, I urge you to examine former BPL thread content, if it hasn't been deleted by now.  Any reference I made to Chip's tenure at BU was in reference to his former position as a member of the faculty and his leaving, ostensibly retiring, in his forties.  Some four or five years after he founded Fractal Antennas.  I'm sure Chip will correct me if I'm wrong.  Some of the people I've known throughout my lifetime that I admire and have often used as examples for my children to follow were tenured and now retired university faculty.
    If my tossing or josting a few participles gets you so upset, then sit back and relax and refrain from participation.  Enjoy a QSO on one of your local repeaters.


  8. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lee's the kind of guy, IMO, who will take rather ordinary information and posit it in a way to make it look suspicious, or not-above-board. Many times, I've seen him take a kernel of fact, wrap it with inaccuracies (as he does here in several places); change it in some way that sounds plausible--and then build a false story from that.With THAT much boredom, I guess Lee just has to try to concoct SOMETHING. But the way some hams act and deny is really the story in itself.

    The fact of the matter is that I have had a dull life--no bankruptcies; no divorces; no arrests; no firings; no illegal activities; and so on. I've stayed at the same jobs for a good long time. I've lived long enough to have a pretty extensive knowledge base in some key areas of interest to hams. I've created a technology or two.

    Here's a case in point for hams--

    Take a look at the 'degen V wave' antenna sold by K1CRA and advertised on this web site. The antenna claims to be created as a design by  VE3SQB. FACT: this was published  in Communications Quarterly in 1996 (ten years ago) ---an article written by me on an original design.  I created the 1.5 wave v element design. The reference is:

    FRACTAL AND SHAPED DIPOLES, Cohen,N., Comm Quarterly, Spring 1996 pps 25-36.

    FIGURE 1 on page 26 clearly details a 1.5 wave 'v' element and shows its gain and pattern.

    The k1cra web site states:"The Wave antenna series is a new style of antenna theory developed by VE3SQB. At best the theory could be expressed as an angled, phased wave yagi technology. At 1.5 wavelength, the antenna has larger elements than most other antennas offered today."

    It most certainly works. But VE3SQB was not the first to show it.

    So, hams are using and buying this N1IR  antenna design--as hams. OK?

    I will be formally alerting K1CRA on this discrepancy in the coming weeks. He may not be aware of it.  It is even possible that he is aware of prior art that supercedes my 1994 invention of same (but based upon the info from VE3SQB's web site, this does not appear to be the case). I assume he is an honest fellow who will correct based upon the facts. It is inconsequential to me whether he sells it (it is not patented and thus not exclusive to anyone as a design)--as long as he does not misrepresent it's origins.

    But this is the kind of stuff I deal with when it comes to some  hams: not getting important facts straight; not using( or in most cases even seeking out) original references; misinterpreting or forgetting key details. Lee is an extreme on the spectrum of that, and I just got tired of it. Hence my opinion that he is either an idiot or a troll.
  9. W6EM

    W6EM Ham Member QRZ Page

    What a nice example. And, so quickly.
  10. KY5U

    KY5U Subscriber QRZ Page

    Amateurs Prepare for next SuitSat Mission!

    Newington- The ARRRL announced that a group of Amateurs are planning for the next SuitSat mission. The plan announced is to set another suit adrift in March in a trajectory to reach the sun in 10 months. When asked about the possibility that the suit might burn up, the Amateurs said, "Yeah we thought of that. We're sending it at night!".

    The ARRRL will be sending out a donation letter soon requesting contributions to offset the cost of the mission. Please give generously!
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