Huggins Did It!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KX4Z, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. N0TZU

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    The rest of my statement that you quoted went on to say that perhaps we (in the US) should relax the regulations considerably and see what happens.

    We might find that subbands by mode or bandwidth aren’t needed, as they aren’t in many other places. I suspect that would be the case.

    I don’t recall you mentioning if commercial activity is allowed on the ham bands in Europe, is it? If not, then I would think there would be similar concerns as here with Winlink.

    However, perhaps there aren’t enough hams there doing commercial traffic, or enough bothered by it, to complain. Or, as you say, the regulators don’t care and the commercial traffic would need to rise to a level where the commercial carriers complain to the regulators.
  2. KX4Z

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    I studied the 2nd article for quite a while, and now I have an even better grasp of how lzhuf works. Sender and receiver both start with a shared knowledge of the first 255 entries in the table. So those never need be sent at all. WINLINK only uses a 2048 sized table. key is that the decoder and encoder "know" the rules (and use the same knowledge, hard coded in the public algorithms) for adjusting the table. At one point, I had a bit of grasp of how to recognize new additions to the table. The guys that built that stuff worked hard, but it is surprisingly little code to be so powerful. Because the table just starts with the 255 binary characters, it doesn't really matter what language or type of file it is, and from the file you sent, the table auto-adjusts for the frequency of different items. so it gets "better and better" as the file gets larger and matter what type of file (text, photo, whatever) it is. No wonder so many groups used it.
  3. W4PG

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    It is time for this to stop.
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