Huggins Did It!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KX4Z, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Would you believe a screenshot if I posted one? Nah, probably not. I wonder why NS0A bailed? He was trying to demonstrate that Winlink could get along with everyone else or something, all of his gateways were outside the ACDS bands with wide modes. Gee, it looks like 3510 is a great place to dump a VARA gateway, no one uses cw anyway, it's so 19th century. Don't believe me? Check his gateway history for connects, the admins may have flushed the evidence though. Screencaps are wonderful things, but you can always say it was photoshopped or some other lame excuse........oh, oh, I know, it was the typo excuse in the RMS list.........for all of his listed frequencies. Yup, all typos.

    Hey, I just noticed W1EO has a gateway on 160m. Wow, making new friends is always a good thing. Didn't the WDT tell you that 160m gateways were not a good thing because it would reflect poorly on them?
  2. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ron, I'm interested in the truth. No matter which direction it goes Arguing against the truth is a pointless exercise. if you have a screenshot,, NOW would be the time to bring it out. Then we coud actually learn something.

    I can tell you my own factual observation: People make mistakes. I have made mistakes. I have put the wrong frequency before MySELF. And got a gentle tap on the shoulder from Lor --- "you're 200 Hz out" or something like that.

    When I did the analysis that showed there was NO real interference on either 40 or 20 meters, I found one station that had erred in their frequency entry. I immediately called up Steve, and instantly that station had ZERO connection and was also contacted to fix their entry. People make mistakes. I've made MANY mistakes.....some of them are famous. But the goal is to help people GROW, get better, do better, serve better --- not to bat them down, tear them down, slap them down.

    Ron, I teach young doctors for a living. They make a LOT of mistakes. (Sometimes as many as me! Grin). I don't usuallly berate them; I fix the issue, explain a better choice and we move forward. Occasionally, we make BIG mistakes....but we have to keep on going. Live depend on it. I've had surgeons lean over the drapes and explain what they just cut (by accident) and what help they need. We got the patient through. Once we had a dozen people working for TWO HOURS to pull a patient through after an innocent -- but deadly -- error by a surgeon. That surgeon probably appreciates us just a tiny bit more. We saved her patient.

    That's one reason why I have tried to give praise both to you and to Janis and others who DID THE RIGHT THING and helped clean up winlink when it needed it. Holding 19 year grudges is not a good way to live. Live is too short to hold fantastic grudges. I don't understand the actions of some persons, which is why I simply ask, "Please retract what has now been proven false." And that should be the end of it. I have already retracted an error I made regarding the ARRL and promises --- immediately after I put 2 and 2 together after reading something you wrote.

    Being willing to apologize, to help build others up ---- that is what makes for a much more rewarding life.

    My 2 cents worth.
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  3. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ron, i found it for you. It happened to be captured in my frequency selection system:

    in the next post, I'll take an indepth look at it (i haven't yet) and we'll see....whatever we see.....

  4. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK, now lets look at it.

    The gentleman has three frequencies (at the bottom) that only operate during "daylight" hours (12Z - 03Z):
    10146.0 (onlly 500 Hz)
    14096.5 (I'm near there)
    18107.0 (I gave up on that band, but it ddid some servrice during puerto rico). So its fairly obvious those are daylight-kinda bands.

    He has other frequencies that get searched 24 hours a day. I have no idea how many transmitters he has -- you'd need to ask him.
    80 meters, he has a 500 Hz frequency, nd a 1600 Hz frequency, 3 kHz apart.
    40 meters, he has a 500 Hz frequency and two 1600 Hz frequencies (this is winmor) a few khz apart
    30 meters, he has a 1600 Hz frequency.

    I have no idea how many separate stations/antennas/etc that he has. Some people have MANY. I run with a 30 second scan, which the WINLINK software actively discourages, but it is the best I can do. This fellow --- IF he had only one station actually working on the 24-hour freequency (we don't know!!!) would have about a 36-42 second scan. So you'll get him on either the 1st or 2nd try --- and he is in a part of the US where there JUST AREN'T THAT MANY STATIONS. My gentle suggestion would be, before you bring up someone's name or call who has never done anything against you, and say bad things about them, you might want to CALL THEM and just inquire, "Hey, I see you have a lot of frequencies. How do you handle all of those, and how did you pick to do those particcuar ones?"

    Here is his activity report for the last 21 days. He moves more traffic than I do I think. (i mentored several, and now I'm not so necesary!!!) You can easily see all the hams who have used his free services, and which of his frequencies and services are more used.

    Gateway Activity Report- 2019/09/24 20:36 UTC

    This report includes data beginning 2019/09/03


    KO0OOO Totals for all channels
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 40
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 255
    Messages to CMS: 108
    Messages from CMS: 107
    Bytes to CMS: 164566
    Bytes from CMS: 808820

    KO0OOO 10146.000 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 2
    HF minutes used: 5
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 32
    Messages to CMS: 15
    Messages from CMS: 6
    Bytes to CMS: 11382
    Bytes from CMS: 3025
    HF minutes used: 40

    KO0OOO 14096.500 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 1
    HF minutes used: 3

    KO0OOO 14105.000 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 3
    HF minutes used: 6
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 9
    Messages to CMS: 3
    Messages from CMS: 3
    Bytes to CMS: 2791
    Bytes from CMS: 7019
    HF minutes used: 32

    KO0OOO 145.050 MHz
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 10
    Messages to CMS: 13
    Messages from CMS: 10
    Bytes to CMS: 8221
    Bytes from CMS: 8357

    KO0OOO 18107.000 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 1
    HF minutes used: 1

    KO0OOO 18108.700 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 1
    HF minutes used: 2

    KO0OOO 3584.000 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 3
    HF minutes used: 3
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 18
    Messages to CMS: 1
    Messages from CMS: 2
    Bytes to CMS: 387
    Bytes from CMS: 2819
    HF minutes used: 33

    KO0OOO 3587.000 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 13
    HF minutes used: 14
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 86
    Messages to CMS: 38
    Messages from CMS: 36
    Bytes to CMS: 84379
    Bytes from CMS: 590019
    HF minutes used: 212

    KO0OOO 7097.000 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 4
    HF minutes used: 6
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 3
    Messages to CMS: 4
    Bytes to CMS: 1736
    HF minutes used: 15

    KO0OOO 7101.300 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 3
    HF minutes used: 9
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 9
    Messages to CMS: 3
    Messages from CMS: 14
    Bytes to CMS: 887
    Bytes from CMS: 71445
    HF minutes used: 39

    KO0OOO 7101.500 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 5
    HF minutes used: 8
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 41
    Messages to CMS: 21
    Messages from CMS: 11
    Bytes to CMS: 27201
    Bytes from CMS: 25689
    HF minutes used: 80

    KO0OOO 7103.700 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 2
    HF minutes used: 7
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 33
    Messages to CMS: 1
    Messages from CMS: 16
    Bytes to CMS: 492
    Bytes from CMS: 65890
    HF minutes used: 59

    KO0OOO 7103.800 kHz
    Using keyboard protocol
    Connections: 2
    HF minutes used: 5
    Using Winlink B2 protocol
    Connections: 14
    Messages to CMS: 9
    Messages from CMS: 9
    Bytes to CMS: 27090
    Bytes from CMS: 34557
    HF minutes used: 22

    HF Stations connecting to KO0OOO in the past 21 days...


    Packet Stations connecting to KO0OOO in the past 21 days...

  5. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ron, I cannot find NS0A anywhere, except there is a listing on QRZ.

    I just don't see a good reason to speak badly of people who haven't done anything against you personally, without going to them FIRST and trying to resolve your differences. I just don't see the point. There are a bunch of not-so-good doctors -- shall we disband all hospitals? There are some not so bright amateur radio operators -- Is QRZ responsbile? The guilt-by-association I don't think is the way to build people up, help people grow.

    We have all kinds of person in our local ham club. All different. By treating everyone as well as we can, we help them all grow and the cllub has FUN together, with no accusations against each other.


  6. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Gordon. It isn't in the current official list of RMS's, and by the way you are only displaying Winmor frequencies by the look of it. What about the other modes? How about this? Notice the modes listed? I'm pretty sure he had VARA listed too, didn't cap it, this was bad enough. It has been far worse than this in the past, documented in ECFS filings that you usually dismiss or fail to address.

    Oh, one last thing before I need to run. I and many others would greatly appreciate you not hijacking threads with muitiple posts, answering yourself, and generally trying to bury the topic in so much noise it gets shut down.
    Feel free to add whatever little cheap shots you care to, I may look later.....may not.

  7. K0IDT

    K0IDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You really are something Gordon, all the past attempts to fix things, documented, crap answers from your side, and now you say I'm speaking badly? Dude you seriously need to look in the mirror once in a while.

    Late already,
  8. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ron, computers listen for multiple techniques on the SAME frequency........

    You don’t need to have a list of every single mode to do to understand the issues that you raised..... which still make no sense

    You are claiming that by running a RECEIVER.... 24 hours a day, he is hogging the frequency.

    Does anybody think this makes any sense?

    It matters not which techniques he listens for, —running a receiver is not hogging a freq.—

    To believe otherwise is just unbelievable
  9. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    No, Ron, you misquoted me, perhaps by accident. I never said you were "speaking badly." You are very smart, you speak VERY WELL, you write VERY WELL.

    What I referred to was that ---speaking badly about a person ( in this case a fellow amateur radio operator KO0OOO whom you cited by call sign) who has done nothing to you, without going to them first about the matter--- (paraphrase of my discussion)

    raises very serious issues when the forum requires

    "Attempt collaboration before conflict"

    and a very practical outworking of that would be to speak privately to anyone who has done NOTHING to you, nor written ANYTHING badly about you....... and about whom you are going to speak badly ABOUT.....before you do it.

    Doesn't everyone agree with that? If you disagree --- please respond and set me straight!
  10. KX4Z

    KX4Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    What I did for you was to write software that you demanded, free of charge, tested it myself, free of charge, to stop a 19 year waste of time. No one else would do it, so I did it, as soon as I realized that KX4O had shown it really was rather easy. I poured HUNDREDS of hours into that project, for free, zero cost for two reasons:

    1) It appeared to be the ONLY way to quash such a stupid wasteful 19 year argument --- and yet some people STILL are arguing that I haven't proven it sufficiently
    2) I was disgusted that NO ONE wrote that software to stop that argument, any time in the 19 years.....and I wanted to demonstrate how DUMB that was, not to write that software --- and thus a fellow who is NOT a software developer, who had to hold a book at his side to do it, without a proper editor, only able to compile on a Raspberry -- an oaf, in the view of many here --- wrote that software in 5 days.

    QRZ is right: you should always attempt collaboration before conflict.

    You and your amateur radio colleagues could save 19 years of yelling at each other, if you do.

    haven't people yelled at each other enough? Just admit what is now obvious, and move on.
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