HT Antenna Comparison - Signal Stick, Diamond SRH770S and Abbree

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WJ6F, Mar 15, 2021.

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  1. WJ6F

    WJ6F Ham Member QRZ Page

    My apologies for that. It was 2m that was used. The QSO was on 146.52.
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  2. KN6NWZ

    KN6NWZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The Abbree is tacticool but the signal stick is made in America and the purchases fund which is an amazing study tool for the ham exams.
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  3. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've used a Signal Stick on my HT to make contacts for SOTA in the Appalachian Mtns. I think my longest contact was 50-odd miles (from W4V/SH-009 to Charlottesville, VA). Another member here, KE8OKM, also used one on summits from Skyline Drive. I could pick him up from my home about 40 miles away, but couldn't quite copy him fully. However, he made contacts, so others obviously could. Made In America, and support for HamStudy are two more reasons to buy a proven performer.

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  4. N6JPG

    N6JPG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    OK. Just took delivery of the 28" Abree. Night and day from the Diamond SRH77CA that was on my Yaesu handheld. Did a quick check with a friend through my local 2m repeater (about 13 miles away and through the local foothills). He said I was about 50% into the repeater with the Diamond and was full quieting with the Abree all while sitting inside my house. I noticed as well that the repeater was about S-5 on receive with the Diamond and 10 over 9 with the Abree. And flimsy? No, not at all. It wavered a bit when I first unpacked and unfolded it but it soon stayed straight and shaking it about on top of the radio it remained fully upright. A tiny bit ungainly at 28" but for about $17, you won't find a better antenna.
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  5. KO4NCD

    KO4NCD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I enjoyed the video and since I own two Abbree 28” antennas as well as a couple others that go with my TYT UV-8000. One is very similar to the Signal Stick and another is a telescoping one that works much better than I had anticipated even for Tx. Living in Orlando, the terrain is flat with many obstructions. I seem to use more 70cm repeaters at times and I wonder how the same ones would fare in a different environment and different frequencies.
  6. KC5HWB

    KC5HWB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great video, Craig. Interesting way to test, for sure, but excellent results. 73
  7. N6VL

    N6VL XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    FWIW I happen to already have the Diamond antenna, but usually use it's smaller relative the SRH77CA instead. HRO has their version of the tactical antenna, the TAC-SMA. But it's twice the price of the Abbree.
  8. W8AAZ

    W8AAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Probably the reason that alot of the shorter duckies are crappy, is because they are not even resonant in the band. I recently took a vintage duckie and measured it to be resonant below the 2M band, where it would be a fair match on 144 but not higher up. I trimmed a couple turns off the top and got a good SWR match just above 146. Would likely make little difference in reception but your transmitter would be happier with a decent match. The way some are configured it would be difficult to alter them for any sort of tuning. If you put your antennas from your portables on an analyzer, be ready for some disappointment.
  9. K7FLY

    K7FLY Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have compared a number of HT antennas using a signal strength meter. I found that the biggest positive difference was by attaching a quarter-wave counterpoise. With the counterpoise, the worst antenna performed way better than the best antenna without a counterpoise. However, I recall that the counterpoise had no value when used with a half-wave HT antenna, as one might expect. BTW, the half-wave antenna was the best, even without the counterpoise.
  10. N1RBD

    N1RBD XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    How did you test it? Remember, being mounted on the radio and held in the hand is going to change the SWR from the value measured on a static test bench. The radio IS part of the antenna system.
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