HRO-60 - Question About R67

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by KW4H, Jun 30, 2021.

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  1. KW4H

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    I'm in the midst of restoring an HRO-60 (ER 345) that's pretty beat up, and has been monkeyed with over the decades. The restoration is mostly coming along fine, and so far a number of defective, incorrect, or incorrectly installed parts have been replaced. Recently, when working around V12, I found a 22K resistor masquerading as R67. According to the diagram and the parts list, this should be a 220K. Strangely, however, the resistor appears to be factory because the soldering work on its leads appears to be original. Does anyone here have any idea why that resistor should actually be a 22K and not a 220K, based on the schematic? I'm prepared to switch it to a 220K but am looking for advice.

    Thanks, Steve - KW4H

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  3. KW4H

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  4. SM0AOM

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    Both values may be correct.

    In the earliest production runs of the HRO-60, the value was 22 k, the same as in the HRO-50T1, but later it was changed to 220 k.

    I have not been able to detect any difference.

  5. KI4ZNV

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    It's carrying an audio signal into a point with about 200K impedance, as set by R33 and R34. So if it's a 220K resistor, it will drop the audio level about 6dB compared with 22K. Frequency response won't change very much.

    I see no reason not to use either value but I can see why they'd make a factory change to a lower value. I don't see why they'd raise the value unless they're worried about keeping the audio level down a bit at that stage.
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