HRD Software, LLC releases version 5.11a

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WJ6R, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. N4IAG

    N4IAG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi, since HRD is actually a 3-in-1 software, has there been any thought to pricing different versions with unlock-able modules, so we don't pay for what we don't use? In my case, I don't use DM780, but would have to pay for it regardless. Or some folks may use another logbook and not want to pay for yours. This could make the program more affordable and increase sales. Or this could just be crazy talk and not even practical.

    For example:

    Basic - Choice of 1 module (radio control, logbook, or DM780)

    Premium - Choice of 2 modules

    Deluxe - All modules
  2. KE5GFJ

    KE5GFJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The older versions were more user friendly. Why would I pay money for something that is more difficult to use and frustrating to set up and figure out? I downloaded version 5.11 and can't even get my logbook to work. I will un-install it and go back to an older version that is easier to use. I agree, it is time for an alternative.
  3. W2BLC

    W2BLC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes - an open source program is needed. No need for it to be as complex and feature filled as HRD. Good solid rig control would be a good place to start. If not, then it is back to the control panel and knobs - and that is OK also.

    Bill W2BLC
  4. N4JTC

    N4JTC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think N4IAG has really hit on something that would work great in marketing the software. I personally think the $80 price is too much for the market to handle. It is worth the price? Probably. Will most current users of HRD buy the new version. Probably not.

    Why? For those that say Ham's are too cheap are over-simplifying it. Most Ham's I know aren't cheap, they just look for the best deal out there. I, like most, only have a certain budget for my collective hobbies. If you can save some money by using FLDigi or other alternatives to be able to afford that QRP rig or SDR kit then I think most would do that, at least in the short term.

    I personally enjoy using HRD, I use almost all the features of it and most of them work great. I am divided on this issue, on one hand I would like to pay and support it, but on the other hand I don't want to overpay and be locked into a every other year purchase of the software.

    Back to N4IAG's idea: A module approach or even separate programs would be a fantastic idea. $20 for each major program feature. I think the logbook should be included with any of the modules that are purchased as a bonus. Rig control, DM780, Sat tracking and control as separate modules as an example. Of course the Deluxe version should come with a discount compared to the purchase of all the modules. An a la carte method of sales have been very successful and i think this would work well for this situation. No offense to the developers, but I think you should listen to those folks that complain. Normally they represent at least a portion of the "silent majority".

    I challenge the developers to hire some sales consultants that specialize in software sales and marketing instead of what it seems to me as "hey this guy sells his stuff at $$$ and he is still around" concept. I do want to commend them for making a version of it free and taking on the challenge of making it better. For this I am grateful, as I am sure many Hams are too.

    Please consider the a la carte sales concept or lower the price. Reducing margin does not necessarily mean reduced profits, a marked increase in sales with lower margins means profits. I am a small business owner and IMHO you will succeed with your current pricing scheme, but just barely. Just my two cents, take it for what its worth.

  5. AB9SO

    AB9SO Ham Member QRZ Page

    $80 seems a bit steep, but HRD is pretty good. That said, I was ready to take advantage of the $20 savings and pay now. That was until it was made clear that there is an ANNUAL RENEWAL cost. $40 each year after the first year. Ugh...really?

    Sure, I don't have to renew, but then we are right back to where we are now, getting no upgrades and you are stuck with whatever you have (bugs and all). That might be okay, that is until QRZ or someone changes something that breaks your version of HRD. Then you have to pay the $40 to get the latest update that fixes that issue.

    I write software and work in the IT world. I get so tired of these software companies who insist on getting your money year after year. HRD for 5 years is $240. That is pretty steep in my opinion.

    The uproar is going from free to a high price (in most people's opinion). I assume (but have some doubt) the new HRD group did a market analysis and decided that a smaller number of users at $80 + $40 per year will be more profitable than more users at a lower price and little or no recurring charges. The folks at Wal-Mart would disagree, as they have mastered the "keep the price low and just sell tons of it" model.

    If they would consider a lifetime license at say $100 or so, then I might consider buying. However, at their current price model, I will not be purchasing this software.
  6. W0MHP

    W0MHP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Two things to think about: 1. For those of us who are retired $80 plus an annual subscription is too much; 2, when a ham software suite like HRD starts costing as much as a three-license copy of Microsoft Office Home/Student it's time to look else where. I most likely will not subscribe.
  7. K4AAQ

    K4AAQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Video of Rick's forum in Orlando coming soon to www.ARVN.TV
  8. WW8L

    WW8L XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Its not a $40 renewal every year. The owner said once you bought it you own it, forever. You can keep running the version you own forever. IF you choose to upgrade every year the the newest version every year then you can, but you don't have to. And they give you a 50% price break on upgrades, which is a heck of a deal in the software industry.
  9. WW8L

    WW8L XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm pretty happy with the current version. I'll download the trial of 6 when it comes out and see if the new features are worth the cost or not.

    I'll probably only upgrade if I get a new rig and have to upgrade to get hrd to talk to it.

    I do think they are priced a little high and agree that $50 would be a good price proint.
  10. NY4I

    NY4I QRZ Lifetime Member #487 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    I left a tip at a resturant last night that was almost this price :) Good software costs money or tons of people to code it. This is not an open-source project but commercial software so it is the former. Rick sitting on the phone costs something. I just hope the licensing cipher is a good one because you know people will be sharing license keys at club meetings.

    Tom NY4I
  11. K5PO

    K5PO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've never liked the HRD software. Have been using the DX Labs software for years and love it. All free.

    That said, we buy $2000 radios, $5000 amplifiers, $8000 towers and throw a complete fit for a $80 piece of software to integrate it all? C'mon guys.

    For those that think free is as much as they'll pay for hours and hours of a developer's time, you're fortunate there are good free options out there still, although I think those developers should value their own time more and at least charge something.
  12. AH6OY

    AH6OY Ham Member QRZ Page

    HRD or Logger32 ?
    I've been using Logger32 since HRD isn't as productive and seemed too labor intensive making contacts. Sure it great graphics but it's best to know how to control your radio by hand. Only thing I think computer control of radio features need to have is changine freq to spotted calls (well not really) and modes to match the freq (again not really). Other than that I'll once in a while start HRD just to view the nice graphics of the radio panel :). My opinion is no way influenced by how HRD and other digital programs allow loading up long winded put me to sleep brag sheets to waste openings and operating times.

    As far as the pricing goes it doesn't bother me that they have picked what ever price there is. The guys who picked up the originally free program from the originator want to make money off the software so fine and dandy for them. Just a sad event for guys not knowing there are other programs out there just as great or better but not as colorful it seems at least at this time.

    Ah yes there was a time when tuning the radio was other than changing freqs. To the victors goes the spoils is the old term but as it would be written these days properly its "to the victor goes the spoiled" Luckily I'm not spoiled so it isn't an attractive program for me to go to.
  13. KA5LQJ

    KA5LQJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    This sounds like political double-speak to me. HRD 5.0 is free, 5.11 is free, but only 'til Dayton, then it becomes obsolete and 6.0 takes over at 80 bucks a pop.

    Meanwhile, those of us who weren't born with a silver spoon in their behinds are simply S.O.L. with all the "bugs". If they "update" this one,
    then why buy 6.0?

    I'll just install Xubuntu and see if someone takes up the rebuilding of
    HRD under a different name. :-(

  14. KB9RDS

    KB9RDS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have used HRD and DXLabs Suite. I at time have thought of switching to HRD 100%. Now this leads me to stay on DXLabs, First it is FREE and Second I feel the support is actually better, not profit minded. I thing at Dayton the folks for HRD will have a lot of explaining to do...

    Steve wendt
  15. WA9PIE

    WA9PIE QRZ Lifetime Member #305 Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    As one of the "new owners" of the HRD Suite, I wanted to chime in with a few points to ponder.

    First of all, we read most all your messages. Your thoughts and comments are very important - particularly the constructive ones. We take them seriously.

    Second - as for pricing and sales of the product, I would ask you to keep my next point in mind. HRD has been free. For the free version, we've all had to contend with going for rather long periods of time without releases that address bug fixes and new features. That said - part of the reason we acquired the product was so that we can continue the life of the product with maintenance reasons. But here's the point - the reason why folks will purchase HRD has less to do with showing their appreciation and loyalty to HRD. The reason why we think folks will purchase HRD is because we'll be adding compelling new features that will be worth the investment of your hard-earned money.

    Keep in mind, we're not a large software manufacturer like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe... and so on. We're three guys who want to see HRD continue to be the best and most feature-rich asset in your shack. That's all... nothing less.

    Mike, WA9PIE
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