HRD Software, LLC releases version 5.11a

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WJ6R, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. NT2C

    NT2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    More program than I need and at a price I can't justify. I don't own a rig that it'll interface with (and won't be able to afford one that will anytime soon), don't own a beam, prefer FLDigi for digital modes, bought my "everything" license from N3FJP before I ever heard of HRD, have seldom used it for anything but satellite tracking, it won't run in Linux, and I have a pathological aversion to high dollar software that also requires a yearly financial outlay if you want to stay current or get support.

    I wish you well with it though.
  2. KD8IGK

    KD8IGK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hey pay $59.95 now and get Version 6 later at no added fee does not seem that bad. Not everyone can afford that, but there are alternatives that are free that work well. The developers of HRD are taking a huge risk at a critical time in this rewrite and they deserve compensation for that risk. Both parties in this transaction are making a bet on the future.

    One improvement that they made in the HRD Logbook is if you click a spot the radio mode changes based on the frequency to either CW or SSB. This is similar to the mode control in N1MM. I use N1MM for Contests and HRD for general logging functions.

    If we really want to do something usefull raise H*&^ about the outrageous gas prices and food cost and express ourself in November at the voting booth.
  3. W9MB

    W9MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I for one, am pleasantly surprised at the intro price. I thought it might be much higher, and therefore out of my reach. If it is not crippled after the year, it seems like a fair price. More fair than your digital suites for Kantronics. I always said that HRD would be worth paying for with quality support. Time for me to step up. Can I get a combo deal with the Kantronics suite?

    Mike W9MB
  4. KB1VCZ

    KB1VCZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    $49.95 is the sweet spot price for this software suite.

    Anything above that, and you're total sales take will be negatively impacted by the reduction in units sold.
  5. KH6DC

    KH6DC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I paid the intro price earlier today. Can't wait for v6.0 to be released.

    73 de KH6DC
  6. N4UED

    N4UED Ham Member QRZ Page

    I downloaded it . You might as well get the free versions while you can .
  7. N6RVI

    N6RVI Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    $59.95 1 + year of products and upgrades (1 year from the release of 6.0)
    $79.95 1 year of product and upgrades..... which includes .x releases for a year.
    renewal after 1 year is 1/2 of retail price, which would be 39.95 for years 2+.

    If I buy the $59.95 for 1 + year of products and upgrades...etc, how much is the renewal fee after 1 year? Is it the same as the $79.95 deal?
  8. KD4WPC

    KD4WPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, I've used HRD for about a yr now and its one hellofa prgm.
    I've recomended it often.
    I know its a job to code something like this. Thank you Simon, And the new owners for the freebie's.
    But, being on SSI and living on less than 700.00 a mo. I just wont be able to afford to pay for it.
  9. K2NCC

    K2NCC Ham Member QRZ Page

    There are plenty of free choices out there, including HRD. Cost is just a reason for folks to have something to bitch about, and has little to do with the release of 5.11a.

    ANY hobby you pick is going to require your investment. As they say, "If you can't afford the repairs, don't buy the boat."
  10. KC7YRA

    KC7YRA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not to get off topic, but I have a thought about this.

    As a Netflix subscriber, I was initially PO'd and even went so far as the cancel my membership. I looked at the outcry from customers and all of the news reports. I thought to myself, "What a bunch of idiots to go and lose half of their customers".

    But it occured to me, if they double their prices and lose half their customers, the are still making the same money. They also have the added benefit of cutting half their load on their servers.

    A final tally I read was that they lost 1/3 of their customers. So they are money ahead by a LOT and now have a bunch of freed up server space so they can easily accept new customers. They are already showing added customers.

    Whoever decided to double prices was a freaking genius and despite the public lashing he got from the execs, I bet he got a fat bonus under the table.

    As far as HRD prices, I don't care personally. I downloaded it several years ago and after an afternoon couldn't get it to do anything. As a SSB/CW op, I found no benefit. I like running my own tuning knob and find that a LOT of beam headings are wrong based upon how DXpeditions are run and how they are licensed.

  11. NT2C

    NT2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    "Make the repairs affordable and you'll sell a lot more boats", seems to be the point a lot of folks are trying to make here. The bottom line though, it is what it is, and the new owners are in this to make a profit. How they make that profit is entirely up to them of course. They can make a lot of profit from a few copies, or a little profit from a lot of copies, or somewhere in between.
  12. KD4WPC

    KD4WPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wait a minute here... What did I say that even remotely resembles bitching?
    I just made a statement.
  13. W2NAP

    W2NAP Ham Member QRZ Page

    shame on you for installing windoze.

    you must repent.

    such a shame.

    also HRD peeps, if your going to use PHP-Nuke.. how about actually use it. Might I suggest RavenNuke it is FREE with FREE support...
  14. K2NCC

    K2NCC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wasn't talking about you Robert, but I can understand why you'd think that. Sorry.

    "Make the repairs affordable and you'll sell a lot more boats" LOL! Right. That will never happen. Even free car repair will not sell more cars.

    The HRD folks won't be hurting, even at 100 bucks. I'd bet most of you that complain at 80 would complain at 50 and would complain again at $25. And never pay for it at any cost.

    Mind you, I don't like anything to be priced higher. But I also appreciate value. Price should be the LAST thing you consider when buying something! (Otherwise, you end up with a $399 computer you have to replace every 2 years.)
  15. KD4WPC

    KD4WPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    N.P. Frank... 73's
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