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HR2.0: Episode 97 - How To Teach a 1-Day Technician Class, by KB6NU (Dayton Hamvention)

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC5HWB, May 26, 2017.

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  1. KC5HWB

    KC5HWB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page
    Dan Romanchik, KB6NU, gave this forum presentation at the 2017 Dayton Hamvention on how to teach a new technician class in only 1 day. Using his "No Nonsense" study guide, he describes his method for getting new hams licensed, and then teaching them what radio is all about, once they are able to operate and "learn by doing"

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  2. N5DUX

    N5DUX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Gag. One day? Please, for the love of learning, no.
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  3. K7FD

    K7FD Subscriber QRZ Page

    A whole day? Can't we just buy it?
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  4. N6KZB

    N6KZB Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just about, many weekend courses across the land pumping out techies.

    Sad part is listen to some of the comments and questions that they bring up on a local repeater.
    We do the best we can to help and educate, but asking "what is a dipole antenna" or
    my favorite... "am I doing AM or FM here with my Baofeng HT"???

    Sign of the times........................................
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  5. W5JCK

    W5JCK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I used to help my local radio club teach Technician classes, usually one or two day events. They were pushing to get a lot of Technician class people for EMCOM purposes. Live and learn though! All we did was saturate north Texas with a bunch of morons that constantly kerchunked the repeaters, couldn't figure out how to program or even use their radios, and were a PITA to deal with. Like I said, live and learn! I won't ever help them teach those kind of people or those kind of classes again. When a fellow ham and friend asked me to help him teach a class to his son's Boy Scout Troop, we did it the right way. We spent about six weeks covering the material and giving hands on experience. I have no idea if any of them got their licenses, but at least they were taught to be good hams. If you are going to teach a Technician, General, or Extra class, then please do it correctly. Teach the damn material, not the damn answers only. And also teach them how to program and operate their radios. If they cannot figure out that last part, then they really have no business with a ham license. Tell them to buy a GMRS radio instead! :)
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
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  6. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    So , to use KB6NU s phrasing---

    is this HYPE or HOPE?
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  7. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is an unabashed advertisement for buying a book that KB6NU makes money off, IMO.

    IF you don't buy the book, you will, IMO, get nothing out of the 'one day course'.

    Do you REALLY want someone to get a license whose exposure to ham radio is a few hours in a 'course' of learning?

    There are FREE ON-LINE courses that do a TREMENDOUS job, are self paced, and are used widely with great success. One that comes to mind is by Chris and it is found at:
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
  8. K8MHZ

    K8MHZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why is that sad? So long as they are honest questions, why not take the time to do some teaching on the air? Is anyone too good to explain what a dipole is to a new ham? At least that would signify a repeater isn't dead yet.
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  9. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    BUT if you take a "No-Nonsense" approach from a very thin booklet, IMO, that's what you get: 'licensees' but no 'hams'.

    Or more accurately, you get 'just in case' hams--for the ones that pass-- who know nothing and destroy the airwaves.

    MO. Yours may differ.
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
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  10. W1YW

    W1YW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Its sad because the thin booklet and the quicky course don't 'Elmore' and don't provide many common answers to situations so encountered, IMO.
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