How to Grow Ham Radio -- Part 2: Attitude

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K8QS, Mar 18, 2021.

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  1. W0JKT

    W0JKT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Since I am in Phoenix and active again after 40 years off the air and have yet to meet a Phoenix-area ham.... was interested in your comment.

    I have been looking for local groups - might have run into the same one you did. An AZ DX group maybe 10 of us I joined for the 1st time on a zoom call. As with most groups they obviously knew each other very well and probably not used to strange names/faces/calls popping up on Zoom.

    After maybe 30 minutes of not being recognized, in a lull, I got brave (I am a bit of an introvert) and jumped in saying something like "just wanted to say hi as I am just back on the air...." That did meet with a few nice comments but just like I have never done the bar scene, not really interested in sports talk or been very good at just shoot the breeze small talk rag chews. I do need to practice that more!

    But back when I was active in the 60s/70s I was more into structured hamming, active in traffic nets, chasing counties, DX vs. social chit chat like so common it seems on 75m now, other than the nets.

    Someone on this thread suggested at meetings just jump in and introduce yourself. However, some of us are more on the shy/reserved type. In my young days perhaps a bit lagging in social skills until we have something in common to talk about.

    Back then I was very active with Minneapolis Radio Club meetings although more the quiet one. Seems they no longer exist or I would try and visit on trips back to my hometown.

    Once we get this virus over I look forward to local groups that meet in person, although haven't found any yet in the Phoenix area. I just got an Anytone 858 to learn more about local hams once I can figure out/find code plugs and all this DMR stuff. And the DMR reaching globally with reflectors etc is of interest - not having to rely on our dear Sun to continue to wake up slowly for HF SSB glory days I enjoyed long ago. Learning about the starting of Cycle 25 got me interested in hamming again.

    On Zoom it would seem to be easy to recognize a new face/name/call and invite them to introduce themselves which I would have no problem doing, rather than me trying not to feel I am barging in on a group.
  2. W0JKT

    W0JKT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Gee, I am also active on a Phoenix Next Door group (not the same as yours) and thought your idea was great. But then the then what since don't seem to have any active friendly area clubs - at least not found.

    I liked the ideas others shared. We have lots of Summit activity I have found since we have lots of mountains but never been to any peaks and not sure how easy access is. The 2m/70cm activity seems to be mostly in the far SE areas of Mesa and further East, although I am kind of able to hear activity that is probably bouncing off 3 mountains around me (which is why I do HF SSB via remotes!) I would be transmitting into a large hill going direct to the Mesa area!
  3. N1IPU

    N1IPU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nashua ARC does such a great job too and you would think the old farts at ARRL would see that your concepts are the way. They are not worth the support at ARRL so my donations will go to Nashua.
  4. KI4POT

    KI4POT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had a further thought...
    Have some of your victims, I mean volunteers, participate by having one manage logging (paper logging would suffice) and another doing lookups on QRZ (so they can see where chasers are located and the distances). As a control operator, you could even have them take turns calling CQ and interacting with the other stations. Make the event interactive. POTA chasers tend to be a bit willing to interact with activators, so work into your CQ calling that you're doing an outreach program and would welcome some back and forth conversation between themselves and the participants on your end. Don't just make it "here's my radio, watch me call CQ and exchange signal reports". Use POTA to lure them in, but also encourage discussion.

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  5. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks Chris. That's a great set of suggestions. For me personally, I'm not really an extended rag chewer, but not the kind of person who gets a thrill out of a signal report exchange and a QRZ. So I'll work some conversation into it as well. And, get them involved as you said!
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  6. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hey W0JKT - Let's talk or meet up someday and maybe get a few of these newbies or "possible interest" folks out into a local park and show them why this is fun! Dave, W7DGJ, 928-274-2266
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  7. KM1NDY

    KM1NDY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi: I have had a lot of success and fun bringing people together for group POTAs/SOTAs. I try to run it like a Field Day GOTA, acting as control operator with non-hams using my call and being coached by me (or other hams). I like to keep the atmosphere light and pressure-free ("drop in if/when you can, no need to know anything about radio or have any equipment. I'll be there anyway." Or, otherwise encourage other hams to bring their own equipment to test portable. I do have a set of band pass filters so we can have a few stations going at once without interference.

    POTA/SOTA are such great programs. They allow for any day you want to be a field day, or a field day light.

    My thoughts...have fun!

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  8. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

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  9. W0JKT

    W0JKT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sounds good would love to meet, although prefer to wait until a few weeks after my 2nd vaccine shot in early April etc... Like all the idea here but will take time to organize etc.

    In addition to the POTA as we are going to be getting into the hot Summer for folks like me that like staying in air conditioning... but am open to all ... Thinking of a laptop presentation that could be fast-moving but combine the various levels of ham radio from POTA/SOTA, 2m for the Novice wanting to do more than CW, including long-distance DMR, and maybe one of us operating DX showing what can be done as we move up the license and rig scale.

    We could use some existing Ytube stuff I assume legal. There is a very dynamic young gal that does POTA in Wisconsin that does some great videos for the younger youth - if we can find them, not sure where young folks hang out these days. I don't know any but not there are quite a few SOTA folks I have seen videos on (and post here) from Phoenix. I could probably tape myself making DX contacts from remote superstations. Or, with you are someone else.

    While POTA on-site good idea if folks will come out, a more portable demonstration of hamming on a laptop that could be shown to smaller groups or individuals might be helpful. I bet there are folks that have done that, but if working with Phoenix area folks would be nice to have with Phoenix people presenting. If put together a good presentation might get into private schools or radio clubs (thnk ASU has one but not very active?)

    The Phoenix next door groups is a good cross-section but probably more middle-aged which is also a good target market. I am not active on any other Phoenix groups. Am well known on some Canadian groups since I visit each summer (when can) but that doesn't help in Phoenix!

    Perhaps other Phoenix hams with contacts/ideas may see this and come out, come out from wherever you are.
    Another Dave 602-955-0767

    BTW I changed my legal name from David to Dave in my 20s. Judge asked if I was trying to deceive anyone! Something about my mother yelling "DAVID" often motivated me to change my name :(
  10. W3PAL

    W3PAL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm a member of the YCARS ham radio club. The guys in the video (John, NJ4Z and Steve, W3SPS) have been instrumental in completely turning the club around and making it grow tremendously. Prior to that we only had an old crappy TS-940 in the club. Now we have several modern HF and VHF/UHF radios and will be refurbishing the existing towers and installing new beam antennas very soon. We also acquired lots of new members in the last several years. None of this would have happened without John and Steve and many other mambers. Big credit to them.
    We never ignore new members and always try to provide as much support as possible. The virus have put a monkey wrench into just about everything in our lives. We couldn't hold face to face club meetings anymore but things are changing for the best and restrictions are being slowly removed. This didn't didn't hold us back as much as we expected. We were able to hold online meetings.
    Also, prior to the virus, we had "Get On The Air" meetings at the club, where new members could learn to operate the radios and to make new contacts. It was a very successful program!
    You know I've lived in several states prior to South Carolina and have traveled around the country a lot. I have never been to an area more active with ham radio activities than the Upstate South Carolina. The repeaters are very active and there are many clubs and other activities happening all the time. People are very friendly here and always willing to help.
    73! de W3PAL.
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