How to Grow Ham Radio -- Part 2: Attitude

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K8QS, Mar 18, 2021.

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  1. K8QS

    K8QS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Special guests John (NJ4Z) and Steve (W3SPC) of the growing York (SC) Radio Society join Ham Radio Perspectives for Part 2 ("Attitude") on how to grow the hobby by cultivating positive attitudes on the air, online, and in clubs. Grateful, positive-minded hams attract similarly grateful people, thereby building the hobby. Critical, ungrateful hams drive others away from the hobby. Ham Radio Perspectives (subscribe on YouTube) is hosted by Tom (WA9TDD) and Quin (K8QS).

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  2. K9GLS

    K9GLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Going to get my bowl of popcorn out for this comment section. Should be required viewing for anyone that signs up for a QRZ account.:D WA9TDD... you being from Westport I think I know what club you were referring to.
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  3. NJ4Z

    NJ4Z Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Bowl of popcorn... required!!! :) de NJ4Z
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  4. WA9TDD

    WA9TDD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Gary, I don't kiss and tell, but I will admit that it is one of three in the area.
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  5. K9GLS

    K9GLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm glad to know it wasn't just me. The club I'm thinking about didn't say a word to me. I wasn't even sure I was in the right location. Short presentation, minutes everyone dismissed and I just sat there. I got up and slowly walked out wondering if I might not be invisible. Not one word. I chose not to go back. Anyway now for the kissing and telling part of my comment... I love the Westport Dairy Queen but I digress. 73 Sir. Excellent video.
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  6. VK7HH

    VK7HH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Flame suits are usually required that's for sure!
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  7. N1IPU

    N1IPU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Many clubs I have been to have been exclusionary by nature. A few though were stand up guys willing to help anyone. Just a member of one now that is very good and works hard to make it so. I think though that other than clubs we have to work towards helping those coming up as we come across them. Its not hard to Elmer someone. Just have to be careful though as I have run across quite a few who are just wanting to take advantage whether parasitic in nature or just plain lazy either intellectually or physically.
    As far as the net goes it is what it is. Just a cross section of the madness society suffers. Whether its the profiteers selling equipment or looking to short sell other hams or the Youtube salesmen and celebrity seekers or the Stockholm syndrome authority lovers and self appointed experts we are overfull. Of course lets not leave out the sport steam mentality either brand name or politics. The net is like Times square on a hot summer day. Not a place for children or weak minded folks.
    Lot of things to avoid here including janitors with a Jack Dorsey mindset on most sites today.
    Best we can do here is like mentioned in the video is reach out to the poster on a personal level by e-mailing them. We are fortunate that most posters here can be reached that way and I met some real nice folks that way. A couple of us do some radio qso's when we can now and am thankful for them contacting me.
    My only big issue with the net as it stands is having to swim through a ton of manure to get to any valuable info when one has a question. Haven't figured out a way around that. It just is what it is.

    I guess the best point I can make is when you come across a club or group doing good work do your best to support them and when you come across a newbie with questions in public have a smile and a nice response. (of course mind the face diaper issues)
    Having an extensive mobile setup attracts attention so along with that put a nice face on it when someone has questions. Hooked a few that way.
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  8. W2JLD

    W2JLD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why don't we just cut to the chase and come out and say that ham radio is not welcoming to everyone, ham radio is a very clicky listen to a repeater and hear someone calling cg....and he gets no response, but as soon as one of the local yocals is heard, its busier than a beaver building a damn.

    I hear it all the time, bunch of good ole boys chatting along and then someone comes in to make a comment and he is ignored.

    went to a ham radio presentation and i felt like i had covid-19, not one person greeted me, not one person said anything they just went off to their little groups chatting and pointing.

    was on a net earlier this week and some alpha hotel got on and start swearing on air and then it was like someone dropped off a bus of cber's...all hell broke loose.

    how can we set an example of good amateur radio ethics when you hear a bunch of grown men talking smack, you hear them talk about the yester years and the good ole days.......

    yes positivity is clear a factor of getting into this hobby of like minded people, but why should we sugar coat things just to get people involved..........people will learn alot by just listening and yet no one does that any more. they just pick up the mic and rudely interrupt nets, cant listen properly...use bs phonetics......its like once you get your so called "ticket" its a ticket to an amusement park full of quarky people, freaks shows.

    when getting your ticket there should be a disclaimer to sign
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  9. KA4TMT

    KA4TMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You really hit that one out of here! Your mobile comment is something a lot of us including me should ponder. How often and how many people come to your house to see that cool ham shack? People don't join or attend clubs anymore, the closed and falling down Elks, Moose and associated lodges of the past in every town across America prove that. At a softball game, a beach park, in the parking lot at work early, are all places you run into people and a great place to give them a peek at ham radio. People don't knock on your door at home and tell you how nice your house is or ask about your backyard antenna but they will walk right up to your car and tell you how much they like your (jeep, corvette, mustang, 4X4) or ask about your cool antennas.
  10. KA2FIR

    KA2FIR Ham Member QRZ Page

    “you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink”
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